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A Bit of Monarch History

24 January 2014 | Author: Monarch Watch

by Ilse Gebhard, Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist I recently received a folder labeled "National Butterfly" from a Kalamazoo Area Wild Ones member. He had found it while working on a project documenting the history of Michigan State University’s Kellogg Biological Station ...

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Moving for Monarchs (M4M)

19 December 2013 | Author: Chip Taylor

"Moving For Monarchs" started with an email I received on the 20th of March. My inbox is flooded with emails, so many that I can't answer them all (and to those of you that I haven’t gotten back to – ...

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Chip in for Monarch Watch

21 August 2012 | Author: Monarch Watch

The 2012 "Chip in for Monarch Watch" Fundraising Campaign is now underway! Please help us spread the word about this annual campaign which brings in funds to keep Monarch Watch's education, conservation and research programs going...and growing! If you are in ...

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Monarch Tagging Kits

20 August 2012 | Author: Monarch Watch

Tags for the 2012 fall tagging season are still available but going fast - more than 75% of this year's tags have been claimed to date. If you would to tag monarchs this year, please order your tags as soon ...

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First Monarch Butterfly of the Year

9 April 2012 | Author: Chip Taylor

Margarete Johnson spotted a monarch butterfly yesterday (8 April) while gardening in Monarch Waystation #1 here at Monarch Watch (Lawrence, KS). Margarete beat me by a day. This morning I spotted a faded female monarch while walking the dog in western Douglas ...

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Chip in for Monarch Watch 2011

2 August 2011 | Author: Jim Lovett

Monarch Watch is turning 20 and needs your help! If you are in a position to offer financial support to Monarch Watch (or if you know someone who might be), please consider making a fully tax-deductible donation of any amount ...

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Another Honeybee Swarm (video)

6 June 2011 | Author: Jim Lovett

Another swarm of several thousand honeybees settled in a bait hive outside of Monarch Watch HQ on June 6, 2011...

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Capturing a Honeybee Swarm (video)

13 April 2011 | Author: Jim Lovett

A swarm of several thousand honeybees settled in a tree outside of Monarch Watch HQ on April 11, 2011 - they're not our bees (at least not the bees we have in our building) so we're not sure where they ...

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Book Review: “Fly, Fly Butterfly”

24 January 2011 | Author: Chip Taylor

"Fly, Fly Butterfly" by Diego H. Pedreros Velásquez Interest in monarch butterflies has grown over the last 15 years. Websites featuring monarchs are now common. Monarchs are the subject of numerous blog postings and periodically the topic of newspaper and magazine ...

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Monarchs in Space: The Return

12 March 2010 | Author: Monarch Watch

As most of you know, we were able to send monarchs into space via the shuttle Atlantis on the 16th of November 2009 to be delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) where they lived out their lives. These monarchs ...

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