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Monarch Butterfly Conservation: The Challenges Ahead

25 February 2013 | Author: Jim

Monarch Matters: February 2013 By Candy Sarikonda, Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist The OH Lepidopterists Society held its annual meeting in Columbus on January 19, 2013. The keynote speaker was Dr. Chip Taylor, Director of Monarch Watch. Dr. Taylor presented a power point ...

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Grants Available to Create Monarch Waystations

22 April 2010 | Author: Chip Taylor

On the 12th of May I will be part of the Pollinator Live webcast at the National Zoo. I will provide more details on how to connect with this broadcast in the near future but you can get some details from ...

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Spring is Coming!

29 February 2008 | Author: Jim

Spring is coming and so are the monarchs. As the temperatures increase at the overwintering sites in Mexico from the low 60s in January to the high 60s and low 70s in early February monarch activity increases. The butterflies begin ...

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Monarch Waystation Seed Kits Available

18 February 2008 | Author: Jim

The Monarch Waystation Seed Kits for 2008 (item#125522) are now available via the Monarch Watch Shop ( or 800-780-9986). It is difficult to predict the demand for these kits and we have been conservative in assembling kits this season. If ...

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Roundup-Ready Crops and Resistant Weeds

17 January 2008 | Author: Jim

One of our justifications for the Monarch Waystation program has been the loss of milkweeds in 100 million acres of row crops* that followed the adoption of Roundup Ready soybeans and corn. In June of 2004 I wrote “Effects of ...

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1,800 Monarch Waystations and Counting

17 January 2008 | Author: Jim

The number of certified Monarch Waystations continues to grow. In 2007, we added nearly 800 habitats to the registry and the total number of registered Monarch Waystations to date is 1,835. We hope to add another 1,000 (or ...

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