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In Pursuit of a Little History – A Retraction

5 December 2016 | Author: Chip Taylor

“In Pursuit of a Little History” Monarch Watch Season Summary 1998 A RETRACTION Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that means "through my fault" and is an acknowledgement of having done wrong. The expression is used also as an admission of having made ...

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Monarch Population Status

14 March 2013 | Author: Chip Taylor

The World Wildlife Fund-Mexico / Telcel Alliance, in collaboration with Mexico’s National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), held a press conference late on the 13th of March 2013 to announce the results of the status of the ...

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Monarch Butterfly Survey Points to Lowest Numbers in 20 years

13 March 2013 | Author: Jim

Press Release March 13, 2013 Monarch Butterfly Survey Points to Lowest Numbers in 20 Years ZITÁCUARO, Mexico - The percentage of forest occupied by monarch butterflies in Mexico, used as an indicator of the number of butterflies that arrive to ...

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Monarch Population Status

19 March 2012 | Author: Chip Taylor

The size of the overwintering monarch population in Mexico is usually released in late January or February. Early reporting helps all of us plan for the season ahead. Unfortunately, for reasons that are not clear, this report wasn't released to ...

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Monarch Population Status

22 November 2011 | Author: Jim

In the last update of the eastern monarch population (late September) we noted that it would be interesting to see how monarchs cope with the lack of nectar and water in Texas. We knew that the migration would make it ...

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Travelog: Monarchs in Mexico

6 April 2011 | Author: Jim

As you can imagine, seeing the monarchs overwintering in Mexico really leaves an impression on those lucky enough to make the trip. We receive lots of enthusiastic communications about such trips and here is Don and Mary Bernd's account of ...

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Mexico Travel Advisory

20 December 2010 | Author: Jim

We have received a number of inquiries from people who want to know if it is safe to travel to Mexico, specifically to visit the monarch overwintering colonies near Angangueo (El Rosario and Sierra Chincua), Zitacuaro (Cerro Pelon), and Valle ...

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Post-Storm Status of the Monarch Colonies in Mexico

2 March 2010 | Author: Chip Taylor

In previous blog posts we have described the conditions during the breeding season that resulted in a small migratory population, provided the report from Eduardo Rendón (WWFMexico) indicating that the overwintering population was at an all time low (1.92 hectares), ...

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Weather, Storms, and Monarchs

21 February 2010 | Author: Jim

New weather data suggests good news for the butterflies following the 31 January – 2 February 2010 storm Report prepared by: Lincoln Brower, Linda Fink, Isabel Ramirez, Raul Zubieta and Daniel Slayback On 13 February 2010 we downloaded the data from our electronic WeatherHawk ...

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Driving Through Mexico After the Storms

20 February 2010 | Author: Jim

The account below describes a trip taken on 19 February 2010 from Tlalpujahua to Chincua, El Rosario, and Cerro Pelon by Paul and Phill Justice of Rocamar Tours. This is the most comprehensive report we have seen of the conditions ...

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