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How Does Your Garden Grow? – Part 2

11 April 2008 | Author: Chip Taylor

Last month ("How Does Your Garden Grow?") I outlined my intention to show you how to use our Monarch Watch Temperature Loggers to record the temperatures in your garden and how to use the data to determine the growing degree ...

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

29 February 2008 | Author: Chip Taylor

My interest in monarchs and monarch population dynamics is causing me to pay much more attention to the weather and to climates than I ever have before. Indeed, I’m now on a mission to educate those of you ...

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Spring is Coming!

29 February 2008 | Author: Jim

Spring is coming and so are the monarchs. As the temperatures increase at the overwintering sites in Mexico from the low 60s in January to the high 60s and low 70s in early February monarch activity increases. The butterflies begin ...

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Monarch Degree Days

9 January 2008 | Author: Jim

For the last four years we have been using the accumulated monarch degree days during the breeding season to show how the temperatures relate to the numbers of monarchs each fall. These records were particularly useful in explaining the low ...

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