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Monarch Butterfly: Top Ten Facts

15 April 2009 | Author: Chip Taylor

Although monarchs get lots of press, news accounts and video productions often contain errors and misrepresentations that detract from the quality of the productions. The source of these errors is not clear but a quick scan of a number of ...

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Monarch Butterfly Conservation Talking Points

12 March 2009 | Author: Chip Taylor

There are several organizations concerned with monarch conservation and among these is the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC), a tri-national consortium of more than 90 affiliated organizations (pollinator researchers, conservation and environmental groups, private industry, and state ...

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Butterfly on the Brink

1 April 2008 | Author: Jim

The University of Kansas has just posted a feature entitled "Butterfly on the Brink" on their website, in conjunction with a news release. Both deal with conservation issues surrounding one of North America's most celebrated natural wonders - the monarch ...

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Monarch Butterfly Conservation

26 March 2008 | Author: Chip Taylor

In a previous blog entry ("Deforestation and Monarch Conservation") I outlined my concerns about the loss of monarch habits in both the United States and Mexico. Although my intention in the earlier piece was to draw attention to problems confronting ...

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Deforestation and Monarch Conservation

21 March 2008 | Author: Jim

The rapid degradation of monarch habitats in both Mexico and the United States is now too compelling to ignore. We must act. DEFORESTATION AND MONARCH CONSERVATION Chip Taylor (Monarch Watch) 13 March 2008 Earlier this month, Lincoln Brower, Dan Slayback, Robert Simmon, and Isabel ...

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