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Moving for Monarchs (M4M)

19 December 2013 | Author: Chip Taylor

"Moving For Monarchs" started with an email I received on the 20th of March. My inbox is flooded with emails, so many that I can't answer them all (and to those of you that I haven’t gotten back to – ...

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The Milkweed Gamble

21 June 2013 | Author: Chip Taylor

I’m not a gambler but I gambled this spring with milkweed production. The question/gamble was – if we produced 25, 000 milkweed plugs, could we get people to buy them? I thought we could but, if we couldn’t, the ...

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Monarch Population Status

14 March 2013 | Author: Chip Taylor

The World Wildlife Fund-Mexico / Telcel Alliance, in collaboration with Mexico’s National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), held a press conference late on the 13th of March 2013 to announce the results of the status of the ...

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Monarch Butterfly Conservation: The Challenges Ahead

25 February 2013 | Author: Jim

Monarch Matters: February 2013 By Candy Sarikonda, Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist The OH Lepidopterists Society held its annual meeting in Columbus on January 19, 2013. The keynote speaker was Dr. Chip Taylor, Director of Monarch Watch. Dr. Taylor presented a power point ...

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Milkweeds – place orders now

19 November 2012 | Author: Chip Taylor

Greetings: I need to get milkweeds off my mind (all that latex is messing up my brain) and into the ground. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to build a market for milkweeds and it's going ...

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Monarch Population Status

19 March 2012 | Author: Chip Taylor

The size of the overwintering monarch population in Mexico is usually released in late January or February. Early reporting helps all of us plan for the season ahead. Unfortunately, for reasons that are not clear, this report wasn't released to ...

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NYTimes: In Midwest, Flutters May Be Far Fewer

12 July 2011 | Author: Jim

Today's printed New York Times features "In Midwest, Flutters May Be Far Fewer" - an article by Andrew Pollack about monarch habitat loss and population decline. Monarch Watch Director Chip Taylor is quoted, along with other monarch researchers. Many Monarch Watchers ...

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Plant Fundraisers

14 December 2010 | Author: Jim

In case you haven't gone through the text on our Bring Back The Monarchs website, one of the things we are trying to facilitate is helping anyone who holds plant fundraisers (nature centers, zoos, native plant societies, schools, etc.) acquire ...

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Monarch Butterfly: Top Ten Facts

15 April 2009 | Author: Chip Taylor

Although monarchs get lots of press, news accounts and video productions often contain errors and misrepresentations that detract from the quality of the productions. The source of these errors is not clear but a quick scan of a number of ...

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Monarch Butterfly Conservation Talking Points

12 March 2009 | Author: Chip Taylor

There are several organizations concerned with monarch conservation and among these is the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC), a tri-national consortium of more than 90 affiliated organizations (pollinator researchers, conservation and environmental groups, private industry, and state ...

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