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Timeline of the Disaster in Angangueo

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 at 12:37 pm by Jim
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The notes that follow are reconstructions of the disastrous events that occurred in the municipality of Angangueo (in the area of the monarch butterfly overwintering sites in Mexico) from 31 January to 10 February 2010. This timeline is based on weather records and fragments of information gleaned from emails and news accounts. If any of you know of items that should be included in this timeline, or of corrections that are needed, please contact us.

31 January – moderate rainfall

1 February – hail storm at end of front number 28

2 February – front number 29 arrives bringing heavy rains

3 February – heavy rains continue, affecting 20 states in Mexico

4 February – continuation of heavy rains over central Mexico, many areas flooded – landslides begin in Angangueo – several dramatic rescues – people begin leaving – central plaza flooded with water coming from both the north and east – high water and destruction of buildings and bridges along the stream (Rio Puerco) that runs through town – torrents rip through town sweeping away cars and trucks in a rush of water filled with logs and boulders – skies clear around midnight with temperature around 50F(10C)

5 February – flooding continues but subsides as day progresses – overnight lows of 36F(2C) – the sun appears for the first time in 5 days – the exodus continues – searching the landslide for victims – damage assessment and clean up begins

6 February – assessment and clean up continues – overnight lows of 27F(-3C) – more people leave for shelter in nearby towns

7-9 February – heavy equipment is used to clear roads

10 February – the army takes control and Angangueo is officially evacuated

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