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Monday, December 3rd, 2001 at 4:06 pm by Jim
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As part of our Adopt-a-Classroom program, Monarch Watch delivers school supplies and textbooks annually to students in rural schools near the monarch reserves. We will leave for Mexico in early January with a van-load of supplies and will spend a week delivering the much-needed supplies to at least thirty schools in the area. Thank you to everyone who contributed financially or by mailing in school supplies!

We have textbooks!

At the end of each school year, certain textbooks are no longer part of the curriculum. Some of these books have never been used. These out-of-adoption textbooks are then returned to the publisher or the state textbook depository where they are either recycled or destroyed!

Thanks to the help of a few school districts in southern Texas, we have collected hundreds of new Spanish edition math consumables for grades K-2. We also have Spanish editions of science and health textbooks. We met with several textbook coordinators at these schools to learn about the textbook adoption process. Everyone we met was eager to help the students in Mexico; we all agreed that it is better to put these materials to good use rather than recycle them!

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