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Where are they now?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2001 at 3:53 pm by Jim
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The migration is right on schedule. At this writing (9 October) there appear to be monarchs in good numbers in a broad band from southern Oklahoma to the Mexican border. High concentrations of monarchs have been seen in the vicinity of Eagle Pass, Texas – poised to enter Mexico. The peak of the border crossing should occur from 15-18 October if the weather is normal. Smaller numbers of monarchs should continue to cross into Mexico along the Eagle Pass / Del Rio corridor until the 29th of the month at about the time that the first of the fall migrants arrive at the overwintering sites.

The migration along the east coast seems to be about the 4th largest in the last 10 years. This portion of the population is moving more slowly, peaking last week in Cape May, New Jersey. The portion of these butterflies that move inland and head to Mexico rather than to Florida should result in a modestly large migration along the Gulf coast from Alabama to Texas in the next two weeks.

Keep watching those monarchs!

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