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FWS/NRCS Conservation Plan

17 January 2017 | Author: Chip Taylor

Restoring habitat for any species is complicated and requires a great deal of thought and lots of research to establish best practices. The following “plan” and set of guidelines was issued last Friday (13 January) under the title Monarch Butterfly Conference ...

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Why monarchs need Monarch Waystations

4 January 2017 | Author: Jim

Why monarchs need Monarch Waystations (and habitat restoration) Chip Taylor and Jim Lovett Our interstates are populated with gas stations, restaurants, rest stops and other resources needed by travelers. These fueling stations for both vehicles and people are waystations for those of us ...

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Creating a Monarch Highway

1 December 2015 | Author: Chip Taylor

Monarch Butterfly Recovery Plan: Part Two by Chip Taylor, Monarch Watch My first attempt at outlining a monarch recovery plan was written in March 2014 ( Although monarch conservation has been discussed at federal and state levels as well as within and ...

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Free Milkweeds for Restoration Projects

4 June 2015 | Author: Monarch Watch

Through funding provided by Monsanto, we will be able to offer 100,000 free milkweed plugs for large-scale restoration projects in June and September of 2015 and through spring and fall 2016. Applicants for these free plugs are asked to describe ...

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Monarch Conservation: Our Choices

28 January 2015 | Author: Chip Taylor

In an earlier posting to this blog I commented on the "Petition to protect the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus plexippus) under the Endangered Species Act" (see Commentary: Recent Petition to Protect the Monarch Butterfly). The commentary included notes about the ...

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Milkweed inventory – plants remaining

27 May 2014 | Author: Jim

Although we have been shipping milkweeds like crazy - about 30K so far - we still have a few - actually quite a few (22K)- plugs left that are well rooted and ready to ship. We need to find homes ...

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Monarch Butterfly Recovery Plan

25 March 2014 | Author: Chip Taylor

The following is a memo outlining a recovery plan for monarch butterflies. On 1 March I received an email from a person well connected with monarchs asking me to prepare a document, a prospectus or memo, for business ...

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Importance of Monarch Conservation

24 January 2014 | Author: Jim

by Candy Sarikonda, Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist I am a nurse. A mother. A lover of nature. I want to make this world a better place. And monarchs are helping me do just that. Monarch conservation is important ...

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Moving for Monarchs (M4M)

19 December 2013 | Author: Chip Taylor

"Moving For Monarchs" started with an email I received on the 20th of March. My inbox is flooded with emails, so many that I can't answer them all (and to those of you that I haven’t gotten back to – ...

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The Milkweed Gamble

21 June 2013 | Author: Chip Taylor

I’m not a gambler but I gambled this spring with milkweed production. The question/gamble was – if we produced 25, 000 milkweed plugs, could we get people to buy them? I thought we could but, if we couldn’t, the ...

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