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The Future of Monarch Watch

30 January 2009 | Author: Chip Taylor

The year 2009 marks the eighteenth year of Monarch Watch. We started the program in the fall of 1992 and, given the economic conditions, I’m wondering if we will still be around next year at this time. Keeping Monarch Watch ...

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On TV: The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies

15 January 2009 | Author: Chip Taylor

From time to time the monarch migration and associated conservation issues are covered in the national media, via articles in newspapers, magazines, and short clips on TV news programs. Overall, the coverage of the monarch story has been spotty bits ...

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Changes in the Composition of Plant Communities

29 February 2008 | Author: admin

Plant ecologists tell us that the species composition of plant communities is going to change as climates become warmer, as carbon dioxide (CO2) levels increase, as rainfall becomes more erratic, and as nitrification (due to the use of fertilizers and ...

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Monarch Spotted “Way Up North” in 2007

11 February 2008 | Author: admin

From time to time we receive a monarch story that is so compelling and well put together that it needs to be shared. The following account was received from Mick Callas, who was inspired to write us after having a ...

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Maybe it DOES grow on trees after all…

2 January 2008 | Author: Jim Lovett

A big THANK YOU goes out to the anonymous donor that delivered a wonderful end-of-year surprise to us here at Monarch Watch last week: Yep, our very own money tree (no, not Pachira aquatica). We've harvested the 2007 crop (a whopping ...

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Happy New Year!

1 January 2008 | Author: Jim Lovett

Greetings and salutations Monarch Watchers! A new year is underway and we are planning some big changes for Monarch Watch in 2008. To kick things off, we're launching this blog which will allow us to distribute up-to-date information in an ...

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Blog on the Launch Pad

24 December 2007 | Author: Jim Lovett

We're counting down to the launch of the official Monarch Watch Blog - blastoff is scheduled for 12:01am on January 1, 2008. Stay tuned! PHOTO CREDIT: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (KSC-07PD-2923)

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2 November 2001 | Author: admin

So far this year, we have received $7,800.00 specifically for the Adopt-a-Classroom program. However, this is only about half of what program costs annually. If we cannot meet our goal of $14,000 for this trip, the remaining expenses will have ...

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We’re swamped!

10 September 2001 | Author: admin

As you may or may not know, Monarch Watch is right smack in the middle of its busiest season. Each day last week we received at least 50 phone messages, 30 faxes, 60 pieces of mail, and 80 email messages. ...

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Price Increases

17 August 2001 | Author: admin

Due to the lack of substantial funding and the fact that our overnight shipping costs have nearly tripled without warning we are forced to increase the prices of our educational and promotional items. :-( The new pricing will take effect ...

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