The Monarch Guide

The Monarch Guide, an authoritative, and lavishly illustrated book by Chip Taylor (Director of Monarch Watch) and Dennis Curtin, is the perfect companion to the Bring Back the Monarch Campaign. For this campaign to be successful, we, as stewards of the landscape, need to use our individual and collective powers to make a difference by protecting and expanding monarch habitat. This book shows you how to do so—showing step-by-step everything you need to know to successfully raise and release monarchs and better manage and increase their habitat. The book is divided into five chapters covering the annual cycle and migration, milkweeds—the host plants, raising monarchs, growing milkweeds and butterfly gardening, and resources to explore. Hopefully, it will inspire you and others to preserve and better manage our remaining monarch habitat, and add more where possible.

The Monarch Guide will be available in early 2011.