The Pitch

Do you remember when there were millions and millions…

Let’s not let the monarch migration become a memory. It’s not too late…

Here is what YOU can do to Bring Back the Monarchs:

  • You can help by creating and registering a Monarch Waystation at your home or on your property.
  • You can work with schools, scouts, municipalities, businesses, nature centers and zoos to help them create Monarch Waystations.
  • You can help local groups restore native milkweeds and nectar sources to roadsides and public and private lands.
  • You can assist by collecting and distributing seeds of local milkweeds to other interested persons or groups WITHIN your communities.
  • You can encourage nature centers and other organizations to hold programs that tell the story of the monarch migration and how we all need to become involved in the effort to Bring Back the Monarchs.
  • You can promote wise management of landscapes for monarchs and pollinators – practices that minimize the use of mowing and herbicides.
  • You can contribute to Monarch Watch specifying that your contribution be used for Monarch Habitat Restoration.

* “I remember” was produced by Steve Sugrim, a Canadian photographer, producer, and writer.