The Appeal

Habitat loss is the main cause for the decline in numbers of most species, and it is clear that the amount of habitat supporting monarchs is declining. Addressing habitat loss to save a species is often difficult. Fortunately, monarchs do not use specialized habitats; rather, they use open spaces, fly great distances, and can find the resources they need – milkweeds, nectar sources, and shelter – if they are present. The mission of this campaign is to restore milkweeds and protect monarch habitat so that these resources are broadly available and sufficient to sustain the monarch migration.

Saving the monarch migration is our mission, but it is more than the monarch migration that will be saved. Monarchs share their habitats with a large number of pollinators as well as other organisms that benefit from the fruits, nuts, berries, seeds and foliage that are a consequence of pollination. By protecting monarch habitats, we will protect the habitats and provide the resources for other species and ourselves.

There are many ways in which you can contribute to monarch conservation.  You can create a Monarch Waystation, promote Waystations, help with restoration projects, collect seeds, promote monarch conservation in your community and alert potential donors of the value of monarch conservation.

Monarch Watch is a small organization. There are just three of us – Jim, Ann and myself, and we all have many tasks. To take on this mission, we need to network with individuals and groups that share a similar vision. We need partners, resources (seeds, plants), and financial support. We hope that you will join us in this worthy cause.