Free Milkweeds

Bring Back the Monarchs:

Monarchs and pollinators need our help due to habitat loss. If your school or non-profit organization is interested in this conservation measure, we can help you create a habitat for monarchs and pollinators. Please apply using the form below. If your organization qualifies, we will provide a free flat of 32 milkweed plugs as well as guidance on how to create a new habitat or enhance an existing garden. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has provided funds for this project.

IMPORTANT: Before applying, please make sure we have milkweeds available for your area but consulting our Milkweed Market. There is a map for you to determine your “ecoregion” and a table indicating current availability of milkweed.

Free Milkweeds for Schools and Non-Profits Application
(free-milkweeds-application.doc; ~8 pages)