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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does a Monarch weigh? [Answer]

Q2. How much does a Monarch egg weigh? [Answer]

Q3. How fast does the migration advance? [Answer]

Q4. How fast do individual migrating Monarchs fly? [Answer]

Q5. Do Monarchs occur outside of North America? [Answer]

Q6. How long do adult Monarchs live? [Answer]

Q7. Do Monarchs that migrate to Mexico in the fall make the trip back to the area from which they started? [Answer]

Q8. Why do Monarchs have only 4 legs? [Answer]

Q9. What are those things sticking out of the head and tail of Monarch caterpillars? Are they antennae? [Answer]

Q10. Where did the Monarch get its name? [Answer]

Q11. What do adult butterflies and moths eat? [Answer]

Q12. How do Monarch butterflies breathe? [Answer]

Q13. Why do Monarch butterflies all have the same design on their wings? [Answer]

Q14. Why do Monarchs have this particular design on their wings? [Answer]

Q15. If caterpillars can chew leaves why can't adult Monarchs do this? [Answer]

Q16. How do Monarchs get those little scales on their wings and body? [Answer]

spacer Q17. Do caterpillars and butterflies have bones? [Answer]

Q18. Why do butterflies have to be in a chrysalis before they are born? [Answer]

Q19. Why do Monarch butterflies rest in groups on branches during the migration and while they are at the roost sites in Mexico? [Answer]

Q20. How high can a Monarch fly? [Answer]

Q21. When do the Monarchs mate and how does this affect their flight? [Answer]

Q22. How do humans influence Monarchs? [Answer]

Q23. Besides milkweed, what do Monarchs eat? [Answer]

Q24. Does the presence of flowers affect Monarch migration? [Answer]

Q25. Does pollution affect Monarch migration? [Answer]

Q26. Do the same number of butterflies come back each year? [Answer]

Q27. If water gets on a monarch's wings, does their color come off? [Answer]

Q28. What did Monarch butterflies evolve from? [Answer]

Q29. Why don't the Monarch butterflies fly at night? [Answer]

Q30. Are Monarchs the only butterflies that migrate? [Answer]

Q31. How do Monarchs know when to migrate? [Answer]

Q32. Can Monarchs fly when it rains? [Answer]

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