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Articles : The Milkweeds of Canada (Asclepias spp.)

Status, Distribution, and Potential Impact from Noxious Weed Legislation

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4.2 Collections Consulted

The following herbaria were consulted for records of Milkweeds in Ontario in 1983. All Ontario specimens from these herbaria were examined by C. Keddy for the Ontario Rare Plant Atlas (Argus & Keddy, 1984). The herbaria at CAN and DAO were also checked in 1996 by the present author for records of rare Ontario Milkweeds received after 1983.

 CAN - Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa  QFA - Laval University, Montreal.
 DAO - Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.  OK - Queens's University, Montreal.
 HAM - Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton  RPP - Herbarium of Rondeua Provincial Park.
 LKHD - Lakehead University, Thunder Bay.  SFS - Sherbrooke University, Sherbrooke.
 MT - University of Montreal, Montreal.  TRT - University of Toronto, Erindale College, Toronto.
 MTJB - Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal.  UWO - University of Western Ontario, London.
 OAC - Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph.  WLU - Wilfred Lauier University, Waterloo.
 PFM - Herbarium of P.F. Maycock, Erindale College, Toronto.  

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