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Essays : Adopt-A-Classroom Update

Monarch Watch Adopt-A-Classroom Update
March 29, 1999

Mrs. McLeod's K-4 class at Bangor Christian School in Bangor, Maine, has recently completed "The Butterfly Project." After raising several Monarch caterpillars last fall, and then releasing the butterflies to fly to Mexico, the four-year-old students have been very interested in Monarchs and Mexico. Upon hearing that Mexican students near the Monarchs' winter roosting site have very few school supplies, the Bangor Christian students wanted to send a box of supplies to the Mexican students. Paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, markers, glue, erasers, and paint were lovingly gathered and placed in a large box.

The children made butterfly cards, and Mrs. Treworgy's high school Spanish students helped translate messages into Spanish. After several weeks of practice, the students were ready to tape two Spanish songs. The cassette tape and a tape player with batteries were included in the box. The K-4 students sent the box to Monarch Watch today. Their hope is that the Mexican students will enjoy receiving and using the supplies as much as they enjoyed gathering and sending them.


You'll be able to hear us sing soon - so be sure to check back!

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