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Monarch Watch needs your help! If you are in a position to offer financial support to Monarch Watch (or if you know someone who might be), please consider making a fully tax-deductible donation of any amount during our "Chip in for Monarch Watch" fundraising campaign.

"In 1992 I had no idea how this small project would change my life nor did I envision Monarch Watch as it is today. It's fair to say that Monarch Watch continues to lead me into new areas of public education and lines of research I hadn't anticipated. Each year brings new adventures and connections that seem to arise simply because Monarch Watch exists." - Chip Taylor

If you haven't yet, we encourage you to spend a little time reading through the previous donor comments below - the connections that are facilitated by monarchs and Monarch Watch are truly extraordinary. Thank you for your continued support!

Spring has sprung, summer is fading, and the spectacular fall monarch migration will soon be upon us...


As many of you already know, this season also marks the arrival of another lesser-known yet still noteworthy annual event - the birthday of the father, so to speak, of Monarch Watch. Some introduce him as Dr. Orley R. Taylor, Professor Taylor, the Honeybee Guy, the Monarch Man, or the Director of Monarch Watch...but most of us know him as "Chip."

Several long-time Monarch Watchers suggested a fundraising campaign in honor of Chip and it seemed fitting to run it around his birthday, which happens to be at the end of August.

Not only does Chip draw no salary from Monarch Watch, he has also been the single largest financial contributor to the program. It is no secret that Chip is passionate about monarchs and Monarch Watch - he is genuinely concerned about the future of the monarch migration and that of our program as well.

So, we officially launched the now annual "Chip in for Monarch Watch" fundraising campaign in honor of Chip - a chance for Monarch Watchers, colleagues, friends, and family across the planet to show their support for Chip and the Monarch Watch program he brought to life more than a quarter-century ago.

Here's how it works...

1. Make your fully tax-deductible donation to Monarch Watch via any of the methods listed below. All donations will be processed by KU Endowment (100% of your donation goes to Monarch Watch) - however you donate, please make sure the gift is directed to Monarch Watch. $1, $10, $100 or more - any amount is greatly appreciated!

- Securely Online: Give Now in Support of Monarch Watch (via

- By Phone: 785-832-7374

- By Mail: please make checks payable to Monarch Watch and mail to

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Additionally, to make a donation or ask questions about gift options, gift planning, endowed funds, employer matching programs, etc. you may contact:

Susan Schmidtberger, KU Endowment

2. (optional) Submit your pledge, comments, and/or photos:

Your pledge, comments, thanks, birthday wishes, photos, etc. may be submitted via the Chip in for Monarch Watch form - please include your name as you would like it to appear online (full name, first name, initials, anonymous...whatever you want).

Your favorite photos (of Monarch Watch activities, monarchs, Chip, etc.) may also be shared via our Facebook page or emailed to Jim at JLOVETT@KU.EDU and they will be added to the gallery as time permits. Please include "Chip in for Monarch Watch" in the "Subject" field of your message.

3. We will assemble a donor list, comments, and/or photos and present them to Chip at the end of the campaign. We'll also post updates, photos, etc. right here at

Please spread the word to other monarch enthusiasts you know - it has also been suggested that donations could be collected from several individuals (friends, family, co-workers, club members, etc.) and then submitted as a single donation by any of the methods listed above - that's a great idea!

Donations are accepted at any time throughout the year, but if you would like to be included in this special "Chip in for Monarch Watch" campaign, please try to complete your contribution soon.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line anytime - thank you for your continued support! grin



Click below to enjoy an album of photos of Chip and/or photos that have been submitted to him - if you'd like to submit your own, please do so via Facebook or an email to Jim at JLOVETT@KU.EDU and they will be added to the gallery as time permits. Please include "Chip in for Monarch Watch" in the "Subject" field of your message.

monarch butterfly monarch butterfly


We invite you to read through the comments left by donors - we think you'll agree that the connections that are facilitated by monarchs and Monarch Watch are truly extraordinary. Add your own comments via the Chip in for Monarch Watch form.

Comments displayed here may be abbreviated and/or edited for content.

Jim Lovett
Happy B-day Chip!
Ann Ryan
Happy Birthday!
Ina Warren
The impact of the individual: Thanks, Chip, for all your work for the monarchs. You are an inspiration to us all!
Carol Ann Wadley
When I was a little girl a long time ago - my mother and daddy encouraged us children to enjoy and learn about the world around us. That was in the 1940s. I still grow milkweed in the garden and am still thrilled to find Monarch larva and when they leave on new hardened wings, I wish them Vaya con Dios.
Havana Junior High School, Havana, IL
Tagging monarch butterflies is always one of my students' favorite activities and an experience they remember long after they leave my classroom. My students and I thank you for all your work with the program!
Jill Nugent
THANKS for ALL you do for the monarch, the migration, and the entire Monarch Watch program!!
Anne Stires
Be well… and Bravo Monarch Watch. A wonderful program. May you live long and prosper  :-)
Gord & Martha Calder
Dr. Taylor, thanks for all your years caring about the Monarchs. They are so beautiful.
Lynn M. Rosenblatt
Debra Price
Your website has inspired me to provide habitat to support hundreds of new butterflies each year. Please keep up the good work!
M. Albright
Happy Birthday, Chip.  Thank you for hard work and commitment.
Pat Rydquist
Thank you so much for all your dedication to Monarchs. My Monarch journey has been fostered by your work and publications.
Charles K. Speer
Thanks for your dedication and inspiration.
Texas Butterfly
Chip, Great work!!! Thanks for all that you do. Love the Monarch and learning about it from Monarch Watch web-site.
Pat Keller
Chip, I visited Monarch Watch for the first time in June, 2009 as part of the KU Mini Class; I found myself telling people later more about you and your work than any other single class I took. I also went straight to my local nursery and purchased a swamp milkweed plant for my garden!  It is thriving and I hope the same can always be said for the Monarchs and for your program. Your selflessness and devotion are a consolation for me when I become overwhelmed by the selfish behavior of many of our species. So thank you for that too. Happy Birthday.
Linc Brower
Congratulations Chip and Happy Birthday!
Erica Gruen Levy
Happy birthday, Chip! When she was about 5 yrs old, my daughter asked me one day, "How do you tell a girl butterfly from a boy butterfly?" This being 1998, and a little bit pre-World Wide Web, I had to email around to several libraries and universities, seeking info on this question, before finally being connected to you all at Monarch Watch. In response, you recruited us to tag (and sex) monarchs, which we were delighted to do. I wish I had - and may indeed have somewhere - photos of our young daughter catching monarchs - with her bare hands! - and gently tagging and releasing them. This experience has set her on the road to further love of nature and animals. At 16 now, she is passionate about the outdoors and nature, a strong member of her high school's Green Team, and hoping to become a vet. Thank you, Chip, and your entire team, for this wonderful educational project and for contributing so much to our daughter and to our family.
Barbara Arum
Chip - Raising monarch caterpillars has become an annual summer event for me. Thanks!
Kay Henrichs
I met you in Mexico in late February 2009 when you spoke to our group at Don Bruno Hotel. We were traveling with Dr. Tom Emmel. It was a thrill for me to get to see you after becoming a Monarch enthusiast and tagging Monarchs for the past two years. My friend and I, both Master Gardeners,  give Monarch presentations all during the year to schools, nursing homes, Master Gardener conferences, and libraries. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing to promote the marvelous, migrating Monarchs.
Carol Seemueller
Chip, thanks for your commitment to monarchs and to education. Students of all ages love this project!
Carole Jordan
Happy Birthday Chip! Carole Jordan and Ron Wiseman
Catherine L. Sherman
Chip - You sparked my interest in insects many years ago when I first interviewed you about African honeybees. You're making a huge important difference in the world by educating people about the beauty and the importance of the natural world.
Robin Wilkinson
This was a great idea!
Skora - Nicole, Alex, Lourdes & Joe
Happy Birthday Chip!
Sharon Denise Childress
Love working with you and for you and I hope I find something I love as much as you love Monarch Butterflies!
Mr. & Mrs. A. Nonymous
4 years ago we saw a monarch chrysalis in a local nursery and was fascinated. In an effort to learn more we found Monarch Watch and there all the info on how to support this beautiful butterfly. We planted a butterfly garden the next year and the following summer were busy collecting and raising caterpillars then releasing monarchs (19 of them). This spring was the first time we got north-bound monarchs (we released 16). At that time the milkweeds had barely emerged and we worried about having enough for all the caterpillars. But whatever questions we have we always find answers on Monarch Watch. Now the migrating monarchs are arriving and there are 40 milkweeds plus other nectar plants ready to provide for them. It's been such a joy being Monarch Watchers and we thank Dr. Taylor for it.
Joyce Pearsall
Great cause!
Ruth Little
I’ve been a butterfly admirer since childhood, and cannot imagine a world without monarchs. I know the energy, wisdom, and tenacity Chip has put into Monarch Watch will help to ensure that  these remarkable creatures are here for generations to come. It’s rare for one person to have anything like an enormous impact on any natural phenomena....but truly, I do think Chip has done that by keeping the public’s attention on the fragility of monarchs, continuing the research, creating an educational program, and engaging so many people from such a wide area in preservation of habitat. Happy birthday Chip. Please know how grateful we are that you have stuck with this program.
Tim and Peggy Carter
Thank you, Chip, for starting this interesting study. We enjoy our time watching, catching and tagging monarchs.
Linda L. McBride
Ten years ago, Monarch Watch inspired me to raise butterflies. Since then, a new world has opened up for me that includes all pollinators and the importance of natives and biodiversity. Your work with Monarch Watch is critical. There are many others who still must be inspired! Thank you for what you do!
Molly & Connor Stasieluk
Thanks Chip for helping the butterflies and making Monarch Watch activities fun for us kids! Happy Birthday!
Janet Lipner
Happy Birthday, Chip.
Don Harness
Sincere thanks for all your hard work. If it was easy anybody could do it! I have been to Mexico and seen one of their sites. They need your help.
Jean Greeley
Happy Birthday Chip - Thanks for making the Monarch world a better place!
Judy Kesser
Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work on behalf of those beautiful Monarch butterflies. My path to loving the monarchs began with native plantings, including milkweed, in my yard. That led to raising them, tagging them, sharing what I was learning about them with school children and adult groups. A peak experience was traveling to Mexico this year to see the monarchs in all their glory! Monarch Watch is a tremendous source of information and motivation. Keep up the great work.
Elizabeth and Bill
Thank goodness for Chip Taylor and his drive to save the monarchs! Monarch Watch has brought many people into understanding the importance saving habitat for not only monarchs, but other butterflies as well. We have our monarch waystation sign proudly displayed in our yard. Every year we look forward to our next "Mr. T" who patrols our yard, chasing off other males, including fritillarilies, and courting every female. What fun we have with our butterfly and bee garden!
Joyce R. Calo
Thanks for all your great work you do. I've learned so much from you and Monarch Watch.
Ellie Womack
Best wishes for the continuation of Monarch Watch.
Karen Oberhauser & Don Alstad
Chip - Thanks for all you've done. You've been a great professional mentor, role model, and colleague. I look forward to many more years of working together. Karen
Association For Butterflies
The Association For Butterflies supports Chip and Monarch Watch for all the good work that is done on behalf of our beloved Monarchs.
Edie Sisson
Happy Birthday! With thanks for all you have done for Monarch Watch…
Gary E Anderson
Chip - you inspired me at a Sierra Club presentation you did in Topeka. I bought plants at the Monarch Watch Spring open house, planted my butterfly garden, got it registered and I'm very proud of how it's doing. All because of Chip. Many more happy birthdays!!!!!
Ms. Lee Ann Landstrom
Keep up the fine work. The monarch awareness is ever growing, and that is crucial.
Marcia Mathews
Wish it could be more… :-) I've been in love with the monarchs  for 20 years. Having taught elementary school for 39 years, we bought tags and tagged our little new critters and sent them on their way. I  have been to Anguangeo in Michoacan, Mexico and viewed millions of them. The sound of their wings was mesmerizing!
Carla Cooper-Hicks
I love the monarchs going to and from Mexico through my back yard here in TX. Thanks for all you do, Chip.
Candy Dials
As a Master Gardener, one of our projects is a Butterfly Garden and the Monarch Watch people have been so helpful. Several of my fellow Master Gardeners and I have taught classes to our group and given talks to children and adults about the Monarch Butterfly and the great work that Monarch Watch is doing to learn more about the Monarchs and to preserve them. Keep up the great work!
Even one person can make a difference. You have a made a very big difference!
Sarah & Keith Morey
Some of our best moments are a result of Monarch Watch (seeing the butterflies overwintering in Mexico, creating our waystation and chasing the little boogers across fields to tag them with their "license plates").  Thank you so much.
Richard & Sue Allie
Thank you for all your endless effort for the Monarch butterflies.
Janice Talbert
Thank you for all you do At KU's Monarch Watch program. I am a tagger in Oklahoma City and a volunteer at the OKC Zoo - I love those wonderful moments in the fall when school kids visit and make a wonderful and profound connection with the natural world through butterflies. Keep up the good work!
Diana Murphy
Have a fantastic birthday!
Loree Griffin Burns
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays ... and enough Monarch Watch funds to buy back ALL of this year's tags. To Jim & Ann: Thank you for giving us all this opportunity to celebrate Chip and support Monarch Watch!
Mary Alexander & Steven Malone
Chip, Thanks for your years turning people on to butterflies and the excitement of the Monarch butterfly migration. Our very best wishes.
Butch Cannard
Happy Birthday "Chip" Taylor - many THANKS for starting Monarch Watch so hopefully future generations can enjoy the wonders of the Monarch's life and migration.
Todd Mildfelt
Thanks Chip. What a great organization!
Elsie Lackey
Happy Birthday Chip - my birthday is this month also :-)
Carin Bonifacino
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this cause. Thank you for helping us learn how to help Monarchs.
An Onymous
Thanks for all that you do for these lovely creatures-you are an unsung hero!
Gary Grigsby
What you do is important...very important. And it is inspiring. Thank you.
Butterfly Festival Visitors I
Thank you for everything you do for monarchs - we love to learn about them and how we can help! We'll see you at your big Fall Open House next month!
Lenora Larson
I treasure my memory of our interview in 2006—and we finally did get an article in Birds and Blooms (Summer 2009, page 20). Especially potent was your observation that most people only see a sea of green when they look at a field or forest. They do not recognize the individual plants or appreciate the interconnection of timing with butterflies, birds and bees. Your wisdom enriches all of our lives. THANK YOU from Monarch Waystation #875!
Christopher & Marsha Haufler
Here's hoping that Monarch Watch continues to soar!
Sherri Hall
Chip, thanks for all you do.
Suzanne D.
Happy Birthday and thank you for your devotion to monarchs and for teaching me so much!
Teri Burchett
Keep up the great work, Chip!
Linda Schemmer
Happy Bday, Chip. Thanks for all that you do for the Monarchs and Monarch Watch. You have made a difference, and are greatly appreciated.
Tina Popson & Corey McIntosh
Congrats Chip and Thanks for All You Do!
Kittie Murray
I saw a Monarch today and I was so excited! The first since I returned to my home state 4 years ago. I spread milkweed seeds all over town last fall. I see a resurgence of milkweeds - not, obviously from my seeds, but just general health of the environment. As I child I helped collect milkweed "silk" for the US paratroopers.  They were all over the place. I was dismayed when I returned to find so few. But they are not gone, and I hope with people like you, they will continue to thrive.
Hope you are still enjoying your good work, we thank you for bringing this all together.
Linda Williams
Chip, you rock! May all future generations remember you and your wonderful efforts when they see Monarchs still migrating hundreds of years from now. Happy, Happy Birthday!
Tom Murphy
Chip, Thanks for all you do. Your focus and dedication to the monarch cause have enriched the lives of many, myself included.
Barbara & Lawrence DiVizio
Your efforts show that an individual can make a difference in the world, we thank you as does all that is wild and wonderful about our world.
Voice of the Canals Residents' Organization
Chip, thank you for your inspiration and continuing support for Monarch Watch. Our Monarch Butterfly Waystation No. 1964 (called "Monarch Manor" and located on a community lot in Venice, CA) is proof of the success of your efforts. A Very Happy Birthday to you.
Susan Morrison
I love sharing the Monarch magic with everyone I meet. I am very grateful for all the research and support provided by Monarch Watch. Thank you Chip for all you do. The Monarch community you have helped create and nurture is very important.
Tim, Thea & Maddy Ryan
Thanks, Chip, for all your hard work over the years. The Outdoor Campus, SD Game, Fish and Parks and the Ryan family are proud to be a part of the great research project you started! Happy birthday!
Katy Philby & family
Happy Birthday Chip! Thanks for starting a wonderful program and for all the hard work you have put into it! You are AWESOME!!
Laurie Cousart
Thanks to Chip and Monarch Watch and all the great information. Because of your help and encouragement, I’ve planted milkweed, am raising caterpillars and tagging them, and am encouraging others to do the same!
I am so thankful for everything you have done to promote awareness of monarchs. I have collected eggs and raised monarchs on a small scale since I was a kid, just as a hobby for fun. I am a kindergarten teacher and usually I bring my eggs and caterpillars to school so my students can enjoy them too. It's hard to imagine not having Monarch Watch as a resource to go to for information!
Dale Martin
Congratulations, Chip. Keep up the good work.
John O. Drummond
Congratulations Chip! Thanks for providing such a wonderful program that has placed a spark in so many young minds!
John & Carolyn Turner
Happy birthday, Chip! We were so pleased & honored to have met with you on our tour in Feb/Mar, 2007, along with Dr. Lincoln Brower after visiting El Rosario. What a treat! I prize the picture I have with your assistant recording the info from "our tags". We also enjoyed being involved with the tagging program last year for the first time - ran out of tags and have ordered double the amount this year.
Susan Baxter
Chip - I will always remember your passionate Monarch talk back in March 2008 at the Posada Don Bruno!  Best Wishes!
Skip Kiphart
HAPPY 39th birthday, and many more. It is a pleasure to have met you. Your boundless energy is contagious.  We thank you for all that you have done for bugs, especially our favorite bug, the monarch butterfly.
Judith Levicoff
It gives me great pleasure to join with other Monarch enthusiasts and supporters in wishing you the happiest of birthdays and joyful coming years. Thank you for leading the path to further educate the general public, as well as the scientific world about the butterfly that I refer to as the Magical Migrating Monarch.
Sue Addy
Thank you for all the work you have done in helping me inspire and enrich my student's understanding of the Monarch Butterfly. They have gained thrilling first-hand experience looking for, feeding, and most of all observing a caterpillar change into a chrysalis and then emerge as a butterfly. Because of this classroom experience many of my students have gone on to plant their own milkweed and nectaring gardens. When I run into my former students at restaurants or stores their memory of raising the Monarchs in the classroom is ALWAYS the first thing they mention. The information I have received from you through Monarch Watch has deepened and broadened my teaching and has inspired future generations of young people to love, protect and become stewards of the environment and the Monarch Butterflies.
Lisa Trahan
This will be my third year tagging Monarchs but I have been raising and releasing them since I was a child. As a substitute teacher, I was fortunate enough to tag at one of the schools I frequent and educate faculty and students on Monarchs and tagging. What you do for Monarch Watch is so important to maintaining the balance that Nature has created. Thank you for caring so much about a creature that many would pass over as insignificant. Happy birthday and keep up the good work!
Judy Molnar, Waystation 271
Happy Hatch Day, as a monarch would say! Thanks for keeping up the tagging program that continues to inspire so many teachers, students, and just plain folks. May you stay forever young. Happy Trails.
Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden
Best wishes to Chip from the staff and Management (and all of his winged friends) of Kingsbrae Garden on this - his special day.
Carol & Brad Williamson
Thanks to all at Monarch Watch for 18 seasons of science and wonder.
Kris Gesner
I have been a tagging member of Monarch Watch since 1995. I want to thank you for all that your do and even if I don't personally know you I feel that I do. This "Butterfly Lady" from Lewisburg, WV wishes you a very wonderful and Happy Birthday.
Dorothy in Lansing
Thank you, Chip. I love taking care of Monarchs and sharing information so others can take care of butterflies.
Monarch Waystation #1750
Happy Birthday - We're grateful for your passion - We're grateful for the Monarchs.
Henry Berkowitz
I and my family became involved with the monarch butterfly in 2003 when our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. On her rear visits home from the hospital, she and I would climb our mountain to the field that is dominated by milkweed. Counting the monarch caterpillars was the one distraction from all the chemotherapy my daughter was enduring and the one thing that made her feel good was to see how many caterpillars she could find. That insect really helped my daughter get through some tough days and now I feel like we owe something to that butterfly. We maintain over 4 acres of milkweed as our way of saying thank you and tag monarchs every September. Thanks for all you do for the monarchs!
Happy Birthday Chip, thanks to Monarch Watch I have a great source of information and thanks to those who work with you I was able to give a great "Monarch Mania" presentation to the N.J. Nature Conservancy. Can I hitch a ride on your next trip to Mexico?
Marie & Jay Novello
With Best Wishes from Monarch Way Station 2050 "Shady Rest"
DJ Agnew
Happy Birthday Chip!
Denny Brooks
Chip, thank you much for your extraordinary effort.
Meret Wilson
Thank you for YOUR gift to us.
Ned Glysson & family
Chip, thanks for all your fine work.  Your project has brought awareness and hours of fun for my family and I.
Sharon Dahlquist
Thank you for all you do - I wish there was a bigger word than "thank you" to send to you on the wings of a monarch.
Insects Are Us 4-H Club
Happy Birthday, Chip! Thank you for teaching us so much and helping the Monarchs for so long!
Happy Birthday, Chip.
June Langhoff, docent, Natural Bridges State Park, California
Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do!
David Gibo
Happy Birthday Chip. You're doing an amazing job!
Hobey Ford
Happy Birthday Chip!
Thomas & Jean Weedman
Your organization has made of us aware of the plight and life cycle of the monarch. Because of this we planted a 2+ acre prairie with varieties of milkweed, which we added to your registry years ago.  We delight all summer long in monarch flights. So thank you for your focus which has brought awareness to many.
Charlie Covell
Chip, you were tagged for a vital cause, and you have responded famously. Well done!
Students at Holmes Elementary
Happy Birthday, Mr. Chip! Thank you for showing us the path to understanding the life of a Monarch.
Susan B
When I stumbled upon the Monarch Watch website many years ago, I never could have imagined how much enjoyment I was to have growing milkweed, collecting eggs and caterpillars, tagging and releasing new monarchs and sharing all that I have learned with so many others, especially kids. Thanks for all you do for monarchs and for us. Happy Birthday!
Addie Carlsen
Happy Birthday, Chip!  Thank you for allowing me to realize my dream of tagging a Monarch butterfly. Being involved in Monarch Watch for the past 11 years has been a great amount of enjoyment for me.
Jill McDonald
Thank you for sharing your love of monarchs! You are a great inspiration! It is a pleasure to continue sharing the joys of nature as a naturalist and the Monarch Watch program has provided great tools to further enhance the fun of learning. Happy Birthday!
Bob & Thea Pyle
Hey Chipster, Happy Natal Day--let's have a beer on it! All the best, and muchas gracias, from Bob & Thea Pyle y las Monarcas
Theresa Berezik & Gabi Blake
We are hooked on Monarchs!!
Adriane Fugh-Berman MD
Thanks, Chip, it's a great organization!
Jo Ann Kaufman
Thanks to you, Chip, we gardeners have all learned a lot more about monarchs and what they need from us. We all appreciate your hard work and contributions to citizen science which have made a huge difference just in our neighborhood. Happy Birthday! 
Johanna Vienneau
I love tagging Monarchs. The hunter in me emerges...which is a rare opportunity for a vegetarian ;-) A really big additional boost is my students love the whole experience of watching the caterpillars grow, emerging from the chrysalis, tagging the adult, then learning if any are found in Mexico (two this past year, yeah). Happy Birthday!
Mona Miller
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Chip, Happy Birthday to you. And, many more!
Linda Lamphier
We are working to plant and maintain a Monarch "petroform" at our sustainable farm and include milkweeds and other butterfly host and nectar plants within its borders. Our immense gratitude to you for your leadership along this trail, and many blessings for your birthday, both this year and in years to come!
Carolyn & Parker Waite
Thank you Chip for getting this started!
Jim Mason
Please convey my regards to Chip, one of my fave profs when I was at KU!
Pam Howie
Happy Birthday, Chip! With thanks for all the information that Monarch Watch makes available to the scattered monarch watchers around the country!
Sheila Castillo Nelis
I appreciate the work you have done to protect these beautifully creatures. Monarch Watch has taught me so much about the butterflies I've loved watching all my life.
Jack Lawless
Chip, you have helped Nature and we have all benefited. Thank You
Marianne G Petrino-Schaad
Thanks for everything you do for the Monarch Butterflies :)
Lisa Grossman & Kelly Barth
Thanks for many years of Monarch advocacy and appreciation!
See you in the garden
Michelle LB.
I am new to Monarch Watch but have learned so much about monarch butterflies due to all the efforts put forth by you Chip. Thank You!
Pennie von Achen
Happy Birthday!  And many kudos for your amazing accomplishments with Monarch Watch!
Mike Huff
Chip – Keep up the good work!
Shirley Welden
I am raising 90 Monarch caterpillars to help our local nature center tagging project this fall. They have a large Monarch butterfly house and I have a small one. This is because of the research being done by your organization. Thanks!!!!
Becky Collins
They call me the 'Butterfly Teacher' at school and say I’m an expert. I know that’s not really the case; but the things I do know come from years of experience with Monarch Watch. Thanks for giving us 'regular' folk a chance to partner in scientific endeavors and keep on learning!
Birthe Jorgensen & David Baker
We are proud to be a Monarch breeding area, very happy to be part of a chain of others watching out for the Monarchs, and filled with joy when we watch these beautiful creatures flit across our field. Thank you for bringing Monarch Watch to Wemp's Bay, Amherst Island. Come and see for yourself!
North Creek Nurseries, Inc
Thanks Chip for all your hard work, dedication and commitment. Cheers to you and the future of The Monarch Butterfly Watch, let’s keep the efforts moving forward for many more years.
Penny Miller
Hey, Chip. I only wish you were fully aware of the impact MonarchWatch has had on our zoo, our volunteers, our Master Naturalist students, our visitors, our staff. Thank you for sharing the wonder of monarchs with all of us, keep up the great work, and remember to ask all of us for help when you or the program needs it. We care about you, we care about the project…it matters!!!!
Dan & Donna Everson
Thank you Chip for your tireless work on behalf of monarch butterflies.  One person can make a difference and you should be proud of the difference you've made.
Cindy Dunn
Thank You for Monarch Watch!  Keep fighting the good fight.
Tia Murchie-Beyma
You've opened up a world of wonder for our family in Virginia. Say, wanna know why we're forced to eat dinner on the floor tonight? Yes, your inspiration is largely to blame for making our dining room unavailable during monarch season. We have 102 monarchs in there, from eggs to chrysalis, all gathered from our Monarch Waystation. Milkweed and monarchs have been spreading through our circle of friends, too.  Every kid we've invited to tag with us has taken home seeds and plants. Even our local post office has milkweed in its garden now -- but I won't say who planted it. It's a disease, I tell you. We'll toast you at Halloween when we get our darned table back. :-)
LeeAnn Bennett
Thank you for all you've done and will continue to do for the Monarch butterfly. Thank you for educating us on the necessity of preserving the forests of Mexico where these wonderful creatures overwinter. Keep up the great work!!!!!
Barb Messimer
I have a Waystation and raise Monarchs here in Flroida. This year I had the pleasure of seeing the Monarchs at El Rosario and understand fully your passion. My guide said he had met you and had wonderful things to say about you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Kathy Foster
Thank you, Chip, for Monarch Watch ~ for sharing your wonderful message with anyone who is interested ~ and for bringing the spark of wonder, beauty, interest and inspiration to so many a child's face, be they young or old...
"The minority report"
Happy Birthday! Thank you for years of sharing your passion and love of monarch butterflies! Your personal response to the many questions we raise fuels a fire in so many of us.
Bill Schoonover
I've been tagging Monarchs for 8 years now with high school students here in Vermont and I fully support the efforts of Monarch Watch. For the sake of the species and the benefits of learning about stewardship for students, I want your organization to thrive into the future!
Gerald Axelbaum
What a pleasure to honor you on this birthday Chip!  Just as you didn't know back in '92 how this small project would affect your life, neither did I know how responding to a perhaps 30 word posting in the NSTA newsletter seeking "teachers to participate in a research project tagging monarch butterflies" would affect my life, the  members of my family and extended family,  countless friends of my children, and lastly, the lives of countless fifth graders at my school who studied, reared, caught and tagged monarchs for years to come.
David & Helen Alexander
Thanks for all you’ve done for Monarch Watch, science education, and KU!
Thank you for all the Monarch Memories. I giggle at the photo I have of you with a mouth full of monarchs at the conference in California a few years ago. You have brought joy, education, discovery and appreciation of the monarch’s world to so many. Happy Birthday Chip!
Suzette Slocomb
Monarch Watch has enriched my life, as well as my students. I appreciate your efforts and wish you a very Happy Birthday. Your friend, Suzette
Pam Stepp
We celebrate you, Chip, and your passion for monarch conservation and research. Thanks for your dedication and hard work!
Sharon, Sarah, & Savannah Guthrie
Happy Birthday and God Bless You For Your Work!
MaryRose Noto-Hardy
Chip ~ Thanks for all you do.
Marc & Marty Ryan
We are pleased to now be a part of Monarch Watch and share in the excitement of raising butterflies!
Dee, Michael, Aaron & Nora Steinle
Happy Birthday, Chip. Thank you so much for creating Monarch Watch and giving the children of Lawrence an opportunity to learn about and love butterflies. My little ones, Nora and Aaron, faithfully attend Monarch events on west campus, and we all look forward to these times. Thank you for making a difference!
Annie McIntyre
The Monarch Watch has helped me teach hundreds of nature center visitors about the amazing monarch butterfly. Thanks for all your work.
Ed & Nancy Martinko
Happy Birthday, Chip, and thanks for your hard work and dedication to Monarch Watch!
Cindy Denny
Dr. Taylor, Happy Happy! Thanks for all you've done & are yet to do for our planet. I'm considering a trip to El Rosario Winter 2010 -- via NatHab--any 'gotta know' suggestions for a newbie? Cheers!
Boone Central Schools
Happy Birthday Chip! Hundreds of students at Boone Central have raised and released monarchs as part of their science learning since 92 - Thank you!
Loretta Shigo
I am delighted to participate in this fundraising campaign in your honor. Not only am I inspired by your passion for the monarch, I am tickled that we share the same birth month!! August is the best month of the summer! Monarchs; Mother Nature rampant in all her glory and more monarchs! Happy Birthday and many more!!
Krista Morris
My son Trae has been chasing butterflies ever since he could walk. He will be 8 years old on YOUR birthday, and his hobby has grown as much as he has.Thank you for inspiring such fascination and passion in my son. We have all learned and grown through our experiences with Monarch Watch.
Jennifer and Tim
Chip, thanks for all that you do!  Wishing you a very happy birthday.
Susan Brandauer
Your Monarch tagging program has been such an inspiration to me. Not only do I enjoy raising and tagging the butterflies but I now give talks to local groups such as the girl scouts, local garden club etc. I just love to tell people all about these beautiful creatures. I am planning to go to Mexico Feb 2011 :)
Gary Stell
Back in 1992 I began looking for milkweeds and the Monarch connection. What a pleasant surprise that you started a whole community that I could join. Priceless friendships abound!
Monarch Waystation #606
Thanks very much for your dedication and hard work, Chip. Because of you, we raise monarchs, tag monarchs, and have an ever-expanding monarch waystation that includes more than a dozen varieties of milkweed. Could you bring home one of our tags next year??? Best wishes!!!
Don Davis
Chip: You share the passion for this remarkable insect that many of us also have. Your program has not only increased our knowledge about monarch butterflies, but brought us all together with a singular purpose in a tradition of Citizen Science. Happy Birthday!
Katie & Ken Armitage
Chip, your greatest virtue is your two wonderful daughters.
Jessica Miller
Chip, you have been such an inspiration to me. In return, I continue to spread my enthusiasm of monarchs with all of the students I teach each year. Thank you for reminding me that having a sense of wonder at my age is still a good thing! Oh, and Happy Birthday!
Jill Giele
Thanks for all you do, Chip!
Lynn & Sarah
Happy Birthday Chip! So glad you started this wonderful program. We just tagged and released 4 monarchs that we raised this month. We couldn’t have done it without the knowledge and guidance from the Monarch Watch website. Thank you!
Don & Karen Whipple and Josh & Zoe Ortiz
Happy Birthday!  Thank you for all you've done on behalf of the monarch butterflies!
Sonia Altizer & Andy Davis
Happy Birthday, Chip!
You have made a huge impact on me and I have spread your message to all that I know. Several people are now tagging and working to preserve monarchs here in Iowa. Thanks for all you've done and continue to do!!
Happy Birthday Chip! Thank you from all of the Monarchs fluttering everywhere. Butterfly Kisses!
Mt. Healthy Elementary School
What a joy it is to watch students get excited about learning so many things as the Monarchs come into our area and we tag them and send them on their way. Thanks so much!
International Butterfly Breeders Association
Happy Birthday Chip and wishing you many more from all of us in the IBBA
 Ann & Fred
Let's keep Monarch Watch going!
Mike Sanders
Happy Birthday Chip!
Dania Cornwell
Happy birthday! Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us who love this planet and its inhabitants.
Jon and Mary Dickson
Happy Birthday and Best Wishes
Kristin Steinmetz
My children started tagging monarchs when they were 3 years old. They can't pass a milkweed plant without searching for caterpillars. Thank you for introducing me and the younger generation to the joys of monarchs and citizen science. Happy Birthday! You've "done good!"
Rene Gloshen
I use the Monarch Watch information to teach with and have raised some of Chip's monarchs and silk worms in the classroom. I love to go out with students to their first tagging event. It is always magical to see their amazed expressions. Thanks Chip!
Tamsen Gray DeWitt
In memory of my good butterflying friend, Pat Jaffray who passed away 4 years ago. Several years ago, Chip and an intern came to Virginia and we went out to release a group of Monarchs that he brought with him from Kansas. We stood in a large field, took them out of the cooler and one by one and released them. With our compasses we followed them as far as we could to document what direction they flew. We gave him a group of butterflies that we had collected in this area which they were going to release in another state in the south to observe their flight pattern. It was so much fun, I learned so much and came to realize how truly dedicated Chip is. He truly changed my life and I am in a unique position as an educator at the Smithsonian's National Zoo to do the same with others. Pat is gone, but I still tag Monarchs every year in butterfly gardens at home, in the community and and at the Zoo where I work.
Pat Schmidt
Best wishes for a Happy Birthday and the future success of Monarch Watch!
Mary Beth McCormack
Thank you for everything you have done for our beloved monarchs!
Karen Fulk
I thank you Chip for all of your work with Monarch Watch over the years.  I know it has grown tremendously due to your vision and guidance. At my house it wouldn't be fall without monarch tagging! And I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
Cathy Gere
In gratitude and admiration for your work...
Dave, Kay, Katie, Joseph, & Ellie Kust
Happy Birthday Chip! You have an open invitation to stay with us anytime you're in the Minneapolis area. We'll make sure you have plenty of covers on the bed this time! (Remember that cold night in Angangueo!?!) We'll never forget your visit and our six months with the monarchs in Mexico! I'll also never forget the look on Joseph's face when he found his first tag at Pelon!
Barbara Hagenson
Happy Birthday, Chip, with many appreciative thanks for creating Monarch Watch. Little did you dream how huge it would become! Thanks to you and your endeavors, I’ve been able to continue taking the ‘monarch message’ to the public, helping to raise people’s awareness - along with raising and tagging hundreds of monarchs. (Love those little critters! I started tagging with Professor Urquhart and his IMA in 1972).
Wendy, Lammot, Jackson & Reesey
Grandpa Chippie -- Monarch Watch is a true testament to your passion, creativity, love of science and education, and downright gumption. You set a great example for all of us. We’re so proud of you!  With much love, Your Virginia Gang.
Cindy Risvold
Happy Birthday and Best Wishes for the future. Providing a habitat for the Monarch and watching over them have added so much to my summer. Thank you!!
Nancy Mores
Thanks for everything you do for the Monarchs!
Marty Davis
Happy Birthday Chip! I've now raised monarchs for 21 years and I truly couldn't have done it without you and Monarch Watch. THANK YOU so much for ALL that you do for us, and more importantly, for our Monarchs! Have a great birthday celebration!
We didn’t realize how much fun we’d have just by letting a volunteer Common Milkweed plant grow in our yard two years ago. This year we’ve got a healthy 7 plants and have gotten to see Monarchs lay eggs on the plants 3 times. Monarch Watch website has been very helpful in knowing how to raise them indoors. We’ve gotten all the neighboring kids doing it and grandmothers telling their grandkids in other states about it, with the hope of making sure generations to come see the beauty and value in this incredible species. Thanks for lighting the fire! Congratulations on such a wonderful and meaningful achievement. You’ve brought joy to many.
Sondra Cabell
With monarch tagging I am able to reach over 500 participants each fall - from preschoolers through great grandparents. Some of my tagging programs are at nursing homes and care facilities where we take monarchs there to tag and release, but many are getting folks out into a prairie or field to experience the natural world through the monarch tagging experience. Monarch biology and habitat concerns - with the explaination of how individuals can help by creating waystations - are a part of every tagging program. I can't think of anything that could replace the tagging conduit for connecting people with the natural world and I hope and pray for the continuation of the tagging program. Happy Birthday!
Diana Weaver
I look forward every year to tagging Monarchs for Monarch Watch. It is one of the highlights of my year. Thanks for all you do!
Laura & Keith Diaz Moore
We moved to Lawrence from the Northwest 3 years ago and immediately learned about and participated in the Monarch Tagging events. My two young children enjoyed it so much that it really made their move to Lawrence so much easier. We began creating butterfly gardens in our new yard. It has become such a big part of our lives and keeps my children enjoying the outdoors. Just yesterday they counted 24 monarch caterpillars in their garden and it's so much fun to watch my kids cheer the caterpillars on through the process. Chip and Monarch Watch improves the quality of life in Lawrence and helps make it a family friendly place to live. Thank you!
Tim Reece
Warm greetings…In simple words thank-you for your dedicated research of Monarch Butterflies, and another, even greater thank-you to you and Monarch Watch to help re-kindle my love of the Monarch Butterfly and provide the resources to spark the same love to my youngest daughter, Karlee. I greatly enjoyed raising, catching, and tagging Monarch’s as a kid for Dr. Fred Urquhart (early 70’s) and am now carrying this passion (with Monarch Watch’s assistance) onto another generation.
Amy Braccia
Hiram College's Monarch Waystation has helped generate student interest in insect pollinators, native vegetation, and habitat conservation - thank you for all that you have done!
Ann Burns
Congratulations and Thank You for all you do for monarchs and science and natural history education! We use the tagging program and materials from Monarch Watch to introduce students and visitors at our nature center to one of the many wonders of our world. This is one of our best programs and allows us to teach so many different aspects of the natural world and human interactions. Long live Chip and long live Monarch Watch!
Jan Peace
Happy Birthday Chip! I started raising Monarchs about 19 years. Each spring I go out and collect the eggs and then release them when they are butterflies. The largest crop was about 90. I use to travel with my job and had to get butterfly sitters to take care of them while I was gone. I have taken them to work and shared with colleagues. I have even been given Monarch worms for Mother’s day. And all along I used your site for inspiration and information. Thank you for all that you do for nature!
Vickki, Tommy, Katheryn ("Katerpillar") & Cayla ("Caylapillar")
Our very first monarch emerged this morning (09/09/09) at about 10:30, a gorgeous male we have named "Chip" :)  Thank you, Chip, for all you do!
Kudos and many thanks for your efforts to preserve the amazing Monarch. We would all be poorer without them.
I've been tagging since 2007, and was absolutely thrilled when two of "my" monarchs were recovered in Mexico.  That further inspired me to contribute as it was a thrill of a lifetime. I've enjoyed learning about these beautiful creatures and hopefully adding to the knowledge about them.
Please keep up the great work and if you're ever in Southern California and need help, please let me know.
Lynn and Vivian Patterson-Stiles
We have a Monarch Waystation and would love to chip in to help you continue your wonderful efforts.
 Charlotte Rhoades Park and Butterfly Garden
I hope you come to Maine to see our coastal butterfly garden. Monarch Watch larvae are an essential part of our "outdoor classroom". Thank you for all you have done to make Monarch Watch and our project a success. Best Wishes from the Hancock County Master Gardeners and other volunteers of the Charlotte Rhoades Park in Southwest Harbor, Maine (on Mt. Desert Island)
Dancetta Feary
I have been spreading the word on saving monarchs for awhile and you have helped me on many an occasion with your expertise.
Jan Graves
Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to save our precious Monarchs. I feel so lucky to have found the Monarch Watch web site! It has been such a great resource for me on raising Monarchs. I was so upset this Spring when I read that it may not be here for me next year. Now I know that there are many, many more people who felt the same way. And we are all happy to know now that it will be there for us. Thanks again and please - Keep up the good work!!
Jane Fousler
Monarch Watch has been an outstanding activity for our Garden Club and allowed us to win a national prize for this conservation effort. You have inspired us and thousands of others to do our little bit for a better world.
It's that time of year again - Happy B-day Chip! Here's to the 19th season of Monarch Watch!
Chip drove to Topeka to dedicate the Village's new, official Monarch Waystation. Since that time, despite a beaver dam caused flood, the garden has done well. Residents and visitors appreciate having the addition on campus.
Love the web site, appreciate the dedication and valuable work and look forward to each and every e-mail!THANKS!!
Dan and Donna Everson
Thank you Chip and Monarch Watch for all you do for the monarch butterfly.
I was delighted to receive my tags in the mail the other day. Looking forward to another tagging season -- thanks to all at Monarch Watch who make it possible.
I was so excited when my tags arrived in the mail yesterday. Another season. Another birthday. Happy Birthday, Chip! Thanks for all you do!
Karen Jahn
Just started seeing a few monarchs coming thru my garden on the south shore (Great South Bay) of Long Island NY. Keep up the good work. Love those monarchs!!!
Carole Jordan
Happy Birthday Chip! Carole Jordan and Ron Wiseman
Linda Williams
Happy Birthday, Chip! Keep up the excellent work - all of you at Monarch Watch!
Nancy Lander
I am a big monarch fan and raise them in my classroom every year. Thanks Monarch Watch for your dedication!
Thank you for all you do!
Beth and Jim, McHenry, Illinois
Happy Birthday, Chip, Thank you for the opportunities Monarch Watch provides. I'm so excited to be part of this active caring group. The best part is looking for and finding monarchs to watch!
Candy in Sylvania, OH
I can't say 'Thank you' enough. What would we do without you and Monarch Watch? BTW, my garden club kids want to know if you are Santa.
Don Davis
Dear Chip: It's 18 years later, and Monarch Watch, along with the other important programs it partners with, remains in the forefront of monarch butterfly research and citizen science. When the Urquharts ended their 40 year program in 1992, I had my own monarch tags manufactured and used these for a few years UNTIL I heard about Monarch Watch. Remember those MW tags we applied with crazy glue! Best wishes for your continued success!
Rural Rootz Nature Reserve
One way or another, the number of butterflies in general, and Monarchs in particular, has greatly increased this year . At least, that is the way it appears here on Canada's Bruce Peninsula! Keep up the good work, Thanks, Tom and Dee at
Denise B.
We need you & appreciate you! Wish I could do more.
I have just read about the destruction of Mexican habitat last year and am greatly concerned. Anecdotally, I have been up in northern WI for the past week and have been checking the milkweed for eggs. Have seen some but think not as many as usual. I am planning to plant different types of milkweed in my garden in Middleton next year.I already have lots of flowers so attract a lot of butterflies.
Anne Porter
Thank you, Chip, for sharing one of nature's miracles, the lifecycle of Monarchs, with the world. I have learned so much because of you and your volunteers and in turn have found the joy of sharing it with students and my grand children.
Kay Henrichs
It is amazing what you have accomplished, Chip. Thank you on behalf of Monarchs everywhere!
Anne G Stires
Rock on instars. Butterflies forever :-)
Keep up the good work!
Kathleen Meszaros
Thank You for you dedication to the Monarchs. You truly are an inspiration!
As always, it is a pleasure to work with and help Monarch Watch with their amazing program. It brings joy to my life every year. Thank you for your commitment and for such a well run organization!
Keep up the great work!
We have long been admirers of Monarchs and their amazing journey from south to north and back again. Several years ago, we were visiting Mexico with friends, one of who traveled extensively in Mexico for his job and therefore spoke fluent Spanish. Fortunately, that gave us the opportunity to travel where we wouldn't have been able to, otherwise. One night before turning off the lights, I picked up the hotel book that highlighted sights around the area and discovered that we about three hours from the winter site of the Monarchs. Needless to say, we made the journey (long & arduous, but not nearly as the one those magnificent Monarchs must make!) and to this day it remains one of the most wonderful memories of our lifetime. We have pictures of each of us covered from head to toe while dozens (thousands?) more flitted around us. We were delighted to find Monarch Watch and commend Chip's work!!
Charlie Covell
Keep up your important and devoted efforts!
Nancy Nowak
Glad to give to such a worthy cause !
Lenora Larson (Long Lips Farm)
Thank you to all of the Monarch Watch staff--you are an inspiration and support for us.
S & S Tours
Thank you, Chip, for your life investment in Monarch Watch. We appreciate you for this most important endeavor.
Jessica Miller
While I was at the Sierra Chinqua Sanctuary last February, a tagged monarch was found by a local gentleman who held that precious insect like it were gold. I realized, becasue of that incident, that this program must not end due to financial straits. Here's to another 20+ years! Happy Birthday Chip!!
Richard Hendricks
Don't get to see many monarchs, mostly Queens and Gulf Fritillaries around my house. When I do see the occasional Monarch, it's great to point them out to people who didn't realize just how much more majestic than Queens they are.
Carolyn Lauing-Finzer
Our yard is registered as a MONARCH WAYSTATION we are members of the WILD ONES Native Gardeners, the Conservation Foundation, we are #2894 in the National Wildlife Federation's BACKYARD HABITAT program, and have been featured in Birds and Blooms and Chicagoland Gardening magazines/ our yard is a suburban oasis for the birds and butterflies and we are registered with the Illinois Audubon Society as a BIRD and BUTTERFLY REFUGE...have been on 4 public garden tours for them. I love sharing common milkweed seeds with the public/ I am an artist-teacher-professional storyteller!!!
Thanks, Chip. From Dick RuBino of Tallahassee/St. Marks, FL & Weaverville, NC
I'm very concerned for the Monarch Butterfly and acknowledge everyone I see, no matter when or where, and appreciate what you're doing. Thank you.
Thank you for helping the monarchs survive and thrive!
Sue de Graff
Following the monarchs journey has been a tradition in our family for over 40 years. Started by my father, my sisters and I have remained fascinated by this incredible miracle of nature. As a schoolteacher, I have shared this fascination with hundreds of elementary school children over the last 20 years. Many thanks for your hours of dedication.
Jerry Gips
Keep up the good work and great reporting.
Happy Birthday & Best Wishes Chip! Thanks for all you do!
Dania Cornwell
I can't imagine where we would be without your dedication and hard work on behalf of the monarchs. You and your team are a gift to the world. thank you, and happy birthday Chip!
Mona Miller
Happy Birthday, Chip. I hope this year's donations exceed last years. The Monarchs need our help!
Tim, Thea and Maddy Ryan
Thanks for all you do, Chip and Monarch Watch!
Save the Monarchs!
Texas Gardener
HB Chip! Our farm pledges to do our share to attract and feed the flutterbys on their journey through Texas.
Mindy Feldman
Thanks for following your passion. It has inspired me to change the way I teach. I have included raising/tagging/releasing of the Monarchs in my curriculum to show students how 'real' science can be facinating.
Sharon from Connecticut
In appreciation of such valuable and lasting work. Happy Birthday!
In memory of Jan Marc Levy z'l
My monarch way station garden has given me so much joy. Monarch Watch is a organization I am proud to support.
Richard & Carol Adler
Enjoy visiting your KU site and all you do for the Monarch.
Oak Grove Nature Garden
I have seen less than 5 caterpillars on our milkweed this August. All the more reason to support Monarch Watch and your research. Butterfly blessings to all of you. Sharon Dahlquist Oak Grove Nature Garden Kansas City, Kansas
Happy Birthday, Chip! Keep up the good work!
Bob & Gail
Thank you for the inspiration, support and encouragement to help us help the monarchs! Thank you for all your dedication and hard work.
I start school every year using monarchs as a way to get Jr. High students excited about science. Those little critters set a lasting impression that lasts through the year and beyond. Thanks for making it so easy.
Butterfly Sue
Thanks for all that is done for the Monarchs. Hopefully we can enjoy them for many more generations to come!
Pat & Mike Hallden-Abberton
It's always delightful to have the monarchs back in our gardens. Happy Birthday, Chip!
Jim Mason
Best wishes to Chip, the MW program staff and all the MW community!
Renee Elter
Chip is an inspiration to all of those who love and care for Monarchs! Keep up your important work!
Common milkweed appeared in my yard last year; I let it grow and was stunned to find 7 caterpillars. With the help of the Monarch Watch website, I reared and released all 7. This year, it's 8 and counting. This has been such a thrill; thank you so much for the important work you do!
June Langhoff
Thanks for taking care of our insect friends!
Ruth Little
Wish I could do more to support the great work that Monarch Watch does. I'm proud to be associated with this program.
I am mailing a check for $100 to the Monarch Watch 'Chip In' fundraising event.
Mark Stafford/Kay Brown
Best wishes from Monarch Waystation #1061.
Ina Warren
William Wordsworth wrote that the best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love. How wonderful to read the comments (from this year and last) from Chip's army of monarch/milkweed volunteers that reflect the many remembered acts of kindness at Monarch Watch over the years. His multi-layer programs provided, to name just a few, larvae for school classrooms, specific advice via d-plex_L to butterfly gardeners and perhaps most importantly, the positive impact to the ejidatarios near the reserves through the tagging reimbursement program. Chip: Many others have said it already, and I'll repeat it. You are an inspiration. We celebrate you and your joy for life. Thank you for sharing your passion for the natural world with all those in your compass. Ina Warren. (your biggest fan!) Brevard, NC
Jennifer and Tim
Ba Rea
With much gratitude to Chip for all he has done for the monarch community!
Christopher Saunders
I was forwarded a copy of your "Chip in for Monarch Watch" email concerning this year's fundraising campaign because I did not receive one myself. I know these are difficult economic times for many organizations, so I'm glad to be able to again support such a worthwhile cause. Thanks Chip and Monarch Watch volunteers for all of your hard work.
Monarch Mama
Love Monarch Watch! PLEASE keep the program going!
Jim and Sheila Ellis
It is a privilege to be part of Monarch Watch and Chip's "team"!
Kip Kiphart
Natalis felicis and hail, oh mighty student of Juvenal............and many more natali!
Dave & Audrey Harding
We appreciate all the great training that we received over the years from Monarch Watch materials. We have been involved with the tagging program for eight years. We hope that this program continues for many years to come.
Laura DeCarlo & Chris Dotson
Always a Monarch Watch fan. Spreading the word about this campaign through Facebook and Twitter.
What can I say - Monarchs are little miracles. I just love having milkweed in our yard, watching the butterflies lay their eggs, and then checking for caterpillars later. Our whole neighborhood looks forward to this time of year. Thanks for all of your work to preserve these beautiful beautiful creatures.
Having Monarch Watch activities provides a great focus for many of the groups that visit us in the summer. Good luck in your ongoing endeavours.
Chip - keep up the good work! I was inspired by your devotion to your work after reading "Four Wings and a Prayer" and have followed your reports ever since.
Joanna and Chad Voigt
What an inspiring effort Monarch Watch is! Keep up the great work.
Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to share nature and the research process with my students, my children, and now my grandchildren!
Jenny Singleton
Thanks Chip for opening the eyes of so many people - especially the kids who will keep the butterflies and what they learn from your program in their hearts forever!
Loree Griffin Burns
Three cheers for Chip and the entire Monarch Watch team. I will never grow tired of supporting your work ... and sharing it with friends, neighbors, and children everyewhere. Hip Hip Hooray!
Janet Allen
Thank you for your passion and work helping people help the monarchs!
Maria K.
Happy Birthday Chip! Congratulations on all you have accomplished with Monarch Watch! Best wishes as you continue to champion Monarch Butterflies...and touch so many human lives, as well!
Wendy Cates-Dancer
Like the last 3 years we have raised and released about 50 Monarchs from eggs or lava found on milkweed growing in our front lawn. The first monarch released was a female, released on Jun 23, 2010. At first all were females, but in early August, when we were releasing 6 to 8 every day there were about half females and half males. Our last monarch was released yesterday on September 16, 2010.
Chip -- you and your crew are awesome and each and every one of my monarchs thanks you for all the work you do. Me too!
Rose Ann Reeser
Thanks to Kip Kiphart for acquainting me with Monarch Watch
Debbie J
As a young girl, about 10 years old, I was given a book on butterflies. From the description and sketches, I discovered monarchs & started raising caterpillars. One very old photo shows 32 chrysalids on my bulletin board, probably back around 1972. Jump ahead 40 years, my own kids are grown and I can rediscover my childhood love. With monarchwatch and dplex-l, I've learned more in a day than in the previous 40 years! Predators, asclepias, breeding - I have BCD: Butterfly Compulsive Disorder and haven't been this happy in years. I bring black pupae to work & others experience the butterflies eclosing, give presentations, teach children, send caterpillars to new homes. Thanks to you, your dedication is profound and appreciated.
If I win the lottery you'll be among the first to know. :)
Karrie Justice
Thank you for all you do to help my little Monarch friends :-)
Thanks Chip, and all of you, for your wonderful work
It is my pleasure to honor have a wonderful methodology to raise awareness of this amazingly beautiful Monarch!! Thank you for all that you do..... I would like some more milkweed seeds if you are selling them again....please send. My last attempts didnt succeed and I'd like to try again.
Butch & Jane Cannard
Thank You for all you and your organization do! My Monarch Waystation normally only sees Monarchs in the fall but due to very dry conditions I did not see many eggs so was very interested in your report in the latest newsletter.
Prairie View Elementary Aspire Students
My elementary students have been tagging Monarchs through the Monarch Watch Program since 1995. We've tagged approx. 700 Monarchs, raised larvae in the classroom, have learned SO much and we NEVER tire of it! Thank you Chip and all the college kids for your dedication and passion for science.
Charlotte Van Wormer
Happy Birthday Chip! Thanks for all the great you do!
Mark & Gail Nale/MarGail Enterprises
My wife and I enjoy monarchs and, as an outdoor writer, I hve used information from your newsletters and webste several times. Please keep up the good work.
I returned to tagging this fall and got my husband to help. We had two nets--he was better and catching than I was. But I could do the rest.....then we ran out of tags. Will get better prepared next year 'fer sure'. (we're both KU grads from the 60s). Your efforts are greatly appreciate, Chip!
James C. Trager
Happy to be a part of this in recognition of Chip, my former Insect Ecology professor, and of Monarch Watch, a great project! Many happy returns of both birthdays for Chip and for millions of monarchs!
May you continue to have Monarch moments and monarch mayhem. Hundreds of School children and a very lucky teacher from South Carolina thank you. Our opportunity to participate in Monarchs in Space last year was a chance of a lifetime!
Thank you for all that you do
As the Docent in Ellwood Main #1 overwintering site in Ca., I support ALL our efforts to help our Monarchs, Come visit us sometime we will give you a tour. Lynn Kirby
Thanks for doing what you do. These creatures are truly great and any help we can offer is well worth it.
So few monarchs in my fields this year. . .
Dr. Robert G. Healy
Heard you speak at Duke about four years ago. I visited El Rosario in the early 1980s with Rodolfo Ogarrio. At the time there were no facilities at all, just millions of butterflies. Do keep up the good work.
NYS Sullivan County Audubon Society
Thanks for such a great project. Our club looks forward to every fall so we can get out there and tag monarchs. Not only has it been fun, but many people have learned so much about the life of a monarch. It's amazing how one little butterfly can make such a huge impression on a person!
Happy B-day Chip! Here's to the 20th season of Monarch Watch!
John Pederson
A journey starts with the first step. So too creating Monarch habitat starts with the first Monarch Waystation. I can think of no better example of the Butterfly effect than creating Monarch Waystations one at a time.
Mark Harris from Nevada, IA
Important work for one of Nature's jewels!
Dancetta's White Monarchs
Hau'oli La Hanau (Happy Birthday) from Hawaii. Mahalo for all your wonderful years of hard work for our beautiful monarchs!
Robin Wilkinson
Thank you for the work you do for monarchs!
Richard & Sue Allie
Thanks for all the hard work you do for the Monarch butterflies.
Susan Baxter
My trip to Mexico to see the monarch migration was one of the best ever. What a beautiful site!
I'm happy to support such a worthy program - keep up the great work you do!
Brenda Gikas
Chip Taylor is my hero. Raising, tagging and releasing Monarchs has been a most memorable experience for me and my kindergarten students. I am so grateful to have participated in the Monarchs in Space Experiment. Kudos to all of the Monarch Watch Team!
In honor of Chip and ALL of you who are out there doing the work. Thank you
Sue & Steve Holcomb
Thanks, Chip, for all you do!
Judy M
A Monarch Waystation doesn't just help monarchs. It creates habitat for so many other things. 'If you take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves.' May both you and the monarchs live long and prosper!
Thank you for all that Monarch Watch is doing to preserve Monarchs.
the Yosts
thx for good work
bill eddins
Here's to 20 more years.
Jacob and Kimberley Moore
YAY Monarchs!
kerry warren-couch
Thanks to Monarch Watch and all of the great information, I have been able to develop two monarch waystations on my farm. I have countless hours of pure joy watching the monarchs and know I am helping them on their journey. Wouldn't be nearly as complete without all of the research completed by Dr. Taylor and his staff. Thanks so very much. Please continue!!!!!
Happy Birthday Chip from the two of us. You are THE BEST EVER! Many Happy Returns of The Day!
Kathy McGrath
Happy birthday Chip! Thanks to you and Monarch Watch for all of the information you put out there and the educating that you have done for so many!
Michelle B.
This is my first year raising monarchs and I never would have had the courage to do this had it not been for the wonderful people on the Monarch Watch e-mail list. I was inspired to plant milkweed, nectar plants and to try to educate others with what I have learned. Thank you to Dr. Taylor and all those with the love for monarchs...Michelle
Carol Groves
After retiring from 30 years of teaching Special Ed. students, I'm still on an annual trek to find larva in the Fall!! I'll never fall out of my love for Monarch's!! I admire, and would love to get involved with a group. I AM going to help with an elementary school with their project this Fall!
Debbie Jackson
Monarch Watch has been a great treasure to me. I send a standing ovation to Chip for creating this excellent program that turned this older citizen into a youngster!
Lisa and Becky LaBlanc-Willis
Happy birthday Chip. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do at Monarch Watch. We've learned so much and are really enjoying our butterfly adventure.
Dale Martin
Thanks for all you have done and are doing to raise Monarch Butterfly awareness.
Thank you for introducing my family to the wonder of Monarchs and Milkweed!
Conserve School
Thank you Monarch Watch for the opportunities you have provided Conserve School students and staff over the past few years. From Monarchs in Space to our yearly butterfly rearing and tagging program appreciated the chance to share in the ongoing monarch research.
Frank Friedrich Kling
Thank you for your great Monarch conservation work!
Scott Davis
Thank you for all the great work that you do! Butterflies forever!
Tricia Knoll
Few monarchs make their way this far into the Pacific Northwest, but sometimes a few tattered ones make it this way. I have a butterfly,hummingbird and pollinator garden -- and think of the monarchs as the canary in the coal mine. This work is important.
S & S Tours
For 15 years I have taken small groups to the Michoacan sanctuaries and we so appreciate your work. Thank you.
Joyce Pearsall
Thank you, Chip and MW staff for your encouragement and support. Keep up the great work!
Najera Family
Love your work Chip. I wish I could give more! Thanks for all the hope and motivation. Thanks to Jim and Ann as well!
Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring work with Monarchs!
Linda Williams
Happy Birthday to Chip and Monarch Watch! Thanks for all the work all of you do.
From Monarch Waystation #613, I pledge $10 to this campaign. It's 10% of the Ad revenue generated from my 'Create A Wildlife-Friendly Yard' site. From now on, 10% of all Ad revenue generated on the CWFY site will be donated to Monarch Watch.
Sorry it couldn't be more... Thanks for all you do
Biz Paynter
I have been fascinated with Monarchs ever since my kids (now c. 45) were in Kindergarten and their teacher got us involved with banding them. We even went to Mexico to see them over wintering. A mesmarizing sight. ]Thank you for being their protector and inspirerer for the rest of us.
I have selected Monarch Watch as my birthday cause, encouraging as many small donations as possible. They should add up to a substantial amount. Every little bit helps. Thanks for this good activity.
Bonnie Novak
We all need to help the Monarch survive. What a dreary place our earth would be without them!
Unity of Fairfax EarthCare Ministry
First year raising a group of Monarchs for release in our Waystation at our church in Oakton, VA. Fascinating. We will do it again next year. Thank you for your efforts.
Lynn K
Thanks for all your efforts, as a person that volunteers alot on protecting the monarch in Santa Barbara, Goleta, area I use your program as a source for information.
Susan K.
Hope this helps one of the most amazing and beautiful species on the planet! Rearing and studying the Monarch butterfly as a citizen scientist has become extremely fulfilling for me.
We raise and tag Monarchs here at Port Chester Middle School, and are fans of MonarchWatch. Keep up the good work!
Jayne that fly and all but sing. ~ Robert Frost
Praying for good migration weather for our beautiful orange friends. I have seen my first three travelers starting yesterday, Sept, 8 2011.
Candy Dials
Thank you for all the support you give us and for the great plant sale.
Ann in East Hartford
I have been raising Monarchs since 1963 as a summer hobby, but only discovered Monarch Watch about 6-7 years ago, thanks to a co-worker. Now I am happy that my horde of handsome little caterpillars (I can hear them chewing the leaves) is part of a larger effort. Thanks for letting us all get involved!
Thank you for your continued good work. I think of you and your mission every time I see a Monarch in my garden. I like to think that my support helps me connect with the world at large in a positive way.
Monarchs Rule!!! Thanks for your work.
Mary Beth McCormack
You have really educated and enlightened all of us. Thank you for all you do.
Pollination Station
Environmental education focusing on Monarch Butterflies, Pollinators, NJ Wildlife and their unique roles in our ecosystem' -PollinationStation
Dogtown Artworks
From all of us at Dogtown Artworks and the Monarch Butterfly Nursery inside the Jarman Center Senior Apartments, GO MONARCHS!!
J. Pasta
Way to go, Monarchs! I am a Monarch waystation myself!
Debbie Russell
Upon retiring in May after 30 years of teaching kindergarten, some of my and my students' favorite memories were of standing in a circle outdoors and making a 'Butterfly Ring'. One student would stand in the middle with a tagged butterfly on his/her finger and we would cheer as it began it's journey to Mexico. Thanks for all of the support and the wonderful opportunity for the kids to play a role as citizen scientists.
Blessings to you for this wonderful work.
Outstanding, Educational Program! Thank you!
Jenny & Tim
Keep up the awesome work!!
Kris Gesner
Job Well Done!!
Kathryn Parke
Thanks Chip!
S. Matson
Thanks for the work you do. I learn so much from Monarch Watch!
Bob Erlich
I was looking for something worthwhile to fill my time in the summer and boy does this fill my time. In Spades!!! What a great hobby rewarding and beneficial. Thanks for your dedication.
20 years - pretty impressive!
Love you and the work you do :-)
Loretta Downs
With gratitude for all you do.
Judy Fitzpatrick
Thank you, Chip, for giving us Monarch Watch, and the ability to participate in saving these amazing creatures!
Bruce Parker
Best Wishes Chip.
Being a part of Monarch Watch has been one of the joys in my life - thanks for all you do!
Bill and Winnie H.
Enjoyed our visit to Monarch Watch and the tour by the wonderful staff. Amazing work.
Ruth B
My grandmother fostered my love of the Monarch but I've learned so much about them from Monarch Watch. Thank you, Chip, for starting the program and for your years of dedicated work!
This is a gift from the KU Libraries staff in honor of Toni Taylor.
HAPPY 20TH!!!!!
Wish we could send more! Lots of love from Missouri! Amy and Joe
Gail & Bob Morris
Congratulations on 20 years of unraveling the mysteries of the monarch butterfly! Thank you for letting so many of us be part of it.
Butch & Jane Cannard
Thank You for starting this organization and keeping it going! I have tried to tag some every year but this year while caring for my mother (Jane), I was able to tag 13. I have also tried to get some of the neighborhood children interested.
Elizabeth B.
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!
Thanks Chip. Glad to help. Seeing fewer Monarchs here this year.
The Murchie-Beyma Family
Go, monarchs! Thanks, Chip.
Patty Moss
Thanks Chip! This is my first year tagging monarchs,it was such a great experience. I will always support this program.
Renee Elter
Because of you, my love for Monarchs and butterflies in general has grown. I even raise, release and tag Monarchs every summer! Your program has helped me to educate my young students on the importance of Monarch conservation. Thank you!
Love the program
I have been raising monarch butterflies and taking them to the school and teaching about them in my childrens' classrooms for 5 years now. I greatly appreciate the knowledge that Monarch Watch provides me about the condition of the population and the Monarchs in general. Thank You!
Brown Deer Michael
Keep up the great work
Wonderful and amazing and important and valuable work. Thank you through me for all the monarchs I've ever seen. Happy Birthday, too, about a month late.
Denise Johnston
I've been hooked on monarchs for 50 years and continue to be awestruck by their beauty and tenacity. Large numbers have been moving through this past couple of weeks on their way to Pt. Pelee and the trek south. Godspeed to them and Monarch Watch for many more fruitful years of education, awareness, preservation and enjoyment!
Ours was the first-ever Monarch way-station in Maine. When I was called by the Kennebec Journal and asked why, I said 'Because I get to look at all the butterflies and don't have to do any work!'
Al Zytowski
Thank you for helping the other earthlings!
Dawn Vezina
Happy Birthday Chip! Thank you for stating Monarch Watch and giving me the opportunity to get involved to keep these beautiful butterflies flying!
Dolly Foster
Waystation 4552 here! We love being a part of this movement! Thanks for all you do!
Vicki Joy
The 3rd annual Minneapolis Monarch Festival ( attracted an est. 6000 people this year. We'll keep getting the Monarch message out. The festival is an outgrowth of the Lake Nokomis Naturescape, a Monarch Waystation. Thanks for all you do.
Jan Doble
I garden for wildlife and plant milkweed for the monarchs. My garden is a Certified Monarch Waystation, but this year no monarchs visited my garden to lay their eggs on my milkweed. I have milkweed in the back and front of my house and have been adding more over the last three years. I hope that one day these beautiful butterflies will no longer be endangered.
Thomas Klak
Keep up the great leadership on Monarch nurturing! We need you.
Daniel Glomski
Greatly miss the clouds of monarchs I saw only a few Septembers ago. Would love to bring those days back again.
Joanna and Chad Voigt
Keep up the great work!
Susanne Gaudin
In support of the Monarch population, our family has increased our butterfly garden (located here in South Central Indiana) to include the milkweed species of our area and this year (for the first time)raised 49 beautiful Monarch butterflies from larvae purchased from Monarch watch. The only thing missing was to make a pledge to this wonderful organization. Now that is checked off our list!
Carolyn Turner
I have been raising monarchs for 3 years now and they have become part of my soul; I will do what I can to make sure my grandchildren and their children also have the opportunity to share in the magic of the monarchs and their migration.
Lynda Bohmbach
As the years go by, I am happy to see Monarch Watch getting the word out about the fate of the monarch. I believe more people are now aware of the problem because of the hard work of Chip and everyone at Monarch Watch.
Doug Hay
Inspirational people are all too rare. Thank you.
Tina La Prest
Thank you
Tyler F
Congratulations on 20 years!
Pennie von Achen
Here's to another 20 years both for Chip and for Monarch Watch!
Debbie Bridge
I have several Monarchs still. Love to watch them
Donna Lewis
We are trying hard here in Texas to water our milkweed in our gardens to keep them alive till our friends arrive.....
Going, going, almost gone. Watching monarchs hatch was a springtime ritual growing up with caterpillers and milkweeds plentiful. I've planted a garden which now draws the butterflies but I have not found a caterpillar in 5 years of looking in my rural neighborhood. I've been hoping, unsuccessfully, to give my grandchildren a glimpse of the miracle I watched as a child - Thank you for your work. Perhaps my great-grandchildren will get this chance if we all work together.
I am really sad this year. For the past 4-5 years I have raised caterpillars inside and let the adults butterflies go - very few adults and very few eggs and almost no caterpillars on our milkweed. I bought 50 tags to use this year and have not used one. Things are not good here in the Milwaukee area.
Chip, Congratulations on 20 years from your friends in the International Butterfly Breeder's Association (IBBA). Thanks, Dale McClung IBBA
Sue Harper
My classes LOVE raising monarchs each Fall! This year we were able to use our knowledge from the experiment on the ISS that the butterfly doesn't need to hang from the top of the container in order to emerge and pump out its wings! We had a chrysalis drop off its spot and are very excited that it emerged today and is okay! :) Thanks, Chip, for all you do!!
the Florances and the Hartmans
We have over two acres on the Coast of Maine that support many, many Milkweed plants. Both families enjoy watching the Monarchs and watching the entire process of their full development. Knowing that these butterflies travel to Mexico is mind-boggling! What a pleasure to be involved!
Tamar Meadowhawk
I have been fascinated with Monarchs for years - they have even helped me get two different jobs! (I am a teacher.) I fear for their future - and hope and pray that WE are able to 'do the right thing' to ensure their continued vibrancy - along with a few million other species....thank you for all the hard work over the years!!!!!
Karen B.
Happy Birthday! You have done wonderful things for Monarchs and I wish you many more years of Monarch watching!
Jackie Lambert
We have two Monarch Waystations and other flower beds but this extremely dry summer has been hard on all our plants which will make it more difficult for the Monarchs in migration. This makes it even more imperative this year to help in any way we can to give the Monarchs a fighting chance to survive. Please accept this donation with our gratitude for all you do to help these beautiful butterflies. Thanks!
This is my first year to raise Monarchs and it has changed my life. I will continue to do what I can for these amazing creatures.
i sure love and miss the monarchs this year !! Thanks for all you do for them and us.
Sally Rutzky
Thank you for your efforts. I contributed 1 butterfly that I know about. I saw it after it emerged and a little bit of my heart is out there.
Lenora Larson
Chip is my hero and inspiration to keep working on behalf of the Monarchs.
Jerry Gips
Thank you for all you do. Keep up the good work!
Keep up the good work. The Monarchs need your help!!
My small monarch station has been a pure joy these past two years - what a miracle these creatures are!
David Moulton
If the Monarchs disappear...are people next.
Sandra Ianello
Happy Birthday, Chip. You truly are an inspiration. I planted my Monarch Waystation last year and have spent many happy hours watching and photographing my monarchs. This year was my first experience raising them. I brought in a few caterpillars and eggs the day before Tropical Storm Irene hit, a few hours before a huge tree came down during the storm and destroyed the milkweed patch where they had been living. I recently released those butterflies. It was awesome. Thank you for your work and dedication to this marvelous creature.
Happy Birthday, Chip! Thanks for all that you do for the Monarchs.
Thanks for raising awareness about the Monarchs!!
A wonderful cause....Thank you for what you do!
Rick Ruggles
Great program about one of natures wonders. Thanks Chip for all your work.
Lisa Serda-Ansel
Thank you Chip! Happy 20th Monarch Watch! I've been helping out Monarchs since I was a young child. I have a Waystation at my house and just put in a butterfly garden up at my son's elementary school. A blessing goes out to all of the monarchs making the migration!
Kathy McGrath
Just did my last two monarch presentations of the season (the 17th & 18th ones) yesterday to a retired teacher group and a church group of women. Both presented me with an honorarium, so I am sending that money on to you! Hopefully, I have educated a few more people about our glorious monarchs and they gained some new friends!
Judy Kesser
Happy Birthday to Chip and to 20 years of Monarch Watch! Your efforts have reached far and wide, helping the butterflies and enriching the lives of the people who care about them. Keep up the great work.
Someone who cares
Today in N.Eastern Pa.. (the part of the State hit by Flooding no less--) I counted over 12 monarch butterflies in a field of goldenrod and milkweed on my road just 2 hours ago. That area has been designated a butterfly way station -- after we asked the property owner to please not cut down the milkweed there. I was so touched seeing these monarchs that I couldnt stop crying. You have also encouraged me to grow milkweed in our own yard- and now I also have some astors, goldenrod and Joe-Pie weed as well --all doing nicely in spite of weather extremes. You have really made a difference for the 'Little ones' on this Earth-- God bless you!.
Wish we could take flat beds of milkweed, etc to Texas and help the migration! It has already been so barren here this year...:( Chip, I think so much of what you have developed. Wish I could donate more!!
My students and I have learned a tremendous amount from studying monarch butterflies. Monarch Watch has been a wonderful resource, and Chip a tremendous inspiration. Thank you.
Bonnie Harlan
Keep up the good work. I have been hooked on rearing monarchs for about 15 years and many of my friends and neighbors have also planted milkweed and butterfly gardens.
Tammi/Madison, WI
Thanks for being a resource & teaching me everything I know about Monarchs- I am enjoying rearing/releasing them in/from WI & following migration news.
Jim Lovett
It's that time of year again - Happy B-day Chip!
Ann Ryan
Happy Birthday!
Linda Williams
Happy Birthday, Chip! Thank you for all you do!
Sue Allie
A great cause for a mighty butterfly, the Monarch!
Joyce Pearsall
This is a wonderful opportunity to honor Chip and the Monarch Watch program.
Anne Stires
Thank you Chip for the Monarch Watch project. You are doing necessary work that shows just how amazing nature is and why it's important to respect and protect it. Rock on and Happy Birthday :-)
Sandra Rowe-Dagostaro
Thank you for all the good work you do. For the past several years I've been helping my sister, Denise Gibbs, with tagging and monitoring Monarchs in Chincoteague, VA. We also plant beach goldenrod every year to replace what gets destroyed by the winter storms.
Sue A
My NWF certified habitat is taking the typical late-summer rest; but it is responding to a trimming and recent rains. Flowers and milkweed will be in good shape when the migrants come through central Texas.
Judy Kesser
Happy Birthday, Chip! It was a pleasure to meet you recently at the Monarch Conference in MN.
Each year we sit on our deck and watch the beautiful flight of the Monachs...they love our Butterfly Bush and our Zinnias....
Nancy Davis
Happy birthday to all future Monarch butterflies. May you fly far and free!!
Johanna Vienneau
Today I put my net and tags in the car. Good move! Went to collect cats but found lots of butterflies in a field of clover. Tagged 40 and will head back tomorrow. Ordered more tags too! It looks like a good year for Monarchs in New England. Happy Birthday, Chip!
Barbara Bolt and Karen Clarke
Thank you for all your wonderful work. We hope it can be continued...
Thanks MonarchWatch! Thanks Chip!
Lynn Kirby
Chip, You have inspired the world with your passion and work with the monarchs. Keep up the good work. From Goleta Ca, Winter home of the western Monarchs.
Janis Lentz
Happy Birthday, Chip.
Don Davis
Happy Birthday, Chip. It was great to see you again in Minnesota. Our lives have been greatly enriched through our participation in Monarch Watch. Congratulations!
Jennifer and Tim
Thanks for all that you do, Chip! And thanks, Monarch Watch!

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