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World on the Move: Great Animal Migrations

1 March 2009 | Author: Chip Taylor

Last year at this time I was working with a BBC Radio crew in Mexico to record observations of the overwintering monarch population - as a part of their “World on the Move” series of programs in which they followed ...

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2007 Season Tag Recoveries

8 April 2008 | Author: Jim

Predicting the number of monarch tags recovered in Mexico each winter is a bit of a guessing game. If we hear of a winter storm causing a lot of mortality at the colonies, we can anticipate that many tags will ...

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Monarch Butterfly Conservation

26 March 2008 | Author: Chip Taylor

In a previous blog entry ("Deforestation and Monarch Conservation") I outlined my concerns about the loss of monarch habits in both the United States and Mexico. Although my intention in the earlier piece was to draw attention to problems confronting ...

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Deforestation and Monarch Conservation

21 March 2008 | Author: Jim

The rapid degradation of monarch habitats in both Mexico and the United States is now too compelling to ignore. We must act. DEFORESTATION AND MONARCH CONSERVATION Chip Taylor (Monarch Watch) 13 March 2008 Earlier this month, Lincoln Brower, Dan Slayback, Robert Simmon, and Isabel ...

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Where in the World?

12 March 2008 | Author: Jim Lovett

Some of you may have noticed that we have been out of touch this month. So where in the world were we? Instead of giving you 1,000 words at this time, I think a quick photo of Ann and I ...

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Crackdown on Illegal Logging in Mexico

5 February 2008 | Author: Jim

Nibble, nibble, nibble... Each year illegal logging nibbles away at the forests in the Monarch Biosphere Reserve. These activities originate with local residents in some communities and with outside businesses that hire and organize crews to invade forest plots, ...

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New Tree Nursery Near Cerro Pelon

29 January 2008 | Author: Jim

The monarch colonies in Mexico are scattered over a number of distinct mountains. Among these is Cerro Pelon, a mountain near Zitácuaro that harbors 1-3 relatively small monarch colonies each year. Although it ranks as the third most important monarch ...

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“Monarch River” at Cerro Pelon

21 January 2008 | Author: Jim

Last October, our tagging program was featured in an ABC World News segment ("A Nation on Monarch Watch"). This segment utilized some of my footage (shot in March, 2007) of streaming monarchs at Cerro Pelon in central Mexico. ...

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Updates From Mexico

3 December 2001 | Author: Jim

Earlier I projected that there could be as many as 80-100 million monarchs at the overwintering sites this winter, up from the all-time low of 28.3 million of last winter. We won't know how this estimate compares with the actual ...

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3 December 2001 | Author: Jim

As part of our Adopt-a-Classroom program, Monarch Watch delivers school supplies and textbooks annually to students in rural schools near the monarch reserves. We will leave for Mexico in early January with a van-load of supplies and will ...

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