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Videos of Angangueo Storms and Aftermath

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 at 2:04 pm by Jim
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Local residents posted many videos of the storm and the subsequent damage; the destruction of Angangueo was also covered by several news agencies in Mexico. The annotated list that follows contains videos we thought would be most informative. As you look at these videos, note the high watermarks on the buildings. The high water destroyed shops and the first floors of many homes on the main street.

The first part of this 9-minute video shows the hailstorm that occurred on Monday 1 February (video indicates the hail occurred on the 2nd but a visitor to the area and a local resident maintain that the hail occurred on the first). Additional footage, probably from the 3rd, shows a raging Rio Puerco and you can see where the rushing waters take down a foot bridge. Later footage from the 4th shows an even more turbulent river eroding away the foundations of a building. The ending shots show a landslide that destroyed numerous homes and took several lives:

Slideshow of damage in valley north of the central plaza with some shots of a landslide:

Short videos showing water running down the west side of Angangueo at 7:40-7:48 AM on 5 February:

Water rushing into main street from the east near Hotel Juarez and Romero store 8:06AM, 5 February :

A compilation of scenes of the damage to Angangueo accompanied by “Bearing the Cross” created by John Debney for the “The Passion of the Christ” soundtrack:

Interview with Governor of Michoacan, Leonel Godoy, with background shots of destruction, 9 Feb or earlier:

Reporter describing destruction while standing in front of the cultural center. 5 February:

Reporter describing devastation and rescue activities showing the work of the Army, Cruz Roja, and volunteers; finishing with an interview of the parish priest, 6-7 February:

Many other videos appear in the “Angangueo Storm” playlist on the Monarch Watch YouTube Channel (also included below).

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