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Monday, September 10th, 2001 at 3:42 pm by Jim
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The leading edge of the migration is expected to progress southward from approximately 39 degrees N on the 10th to 36:50 on the 17th. The migration is expected to peak approximately 10 days after the arrival of the front at each latitude. Of course, these are just predictions based on long term trends and they don’t incorporate the proximate weather conditions and the predictions themselves may need to be refined as additional data becomes available. In fact, the butterflies may be a day or two ahead of these predictions in Kansas and Missouri at this time. In order to help us track the migration and test the basic theory of the migration, please report what you see in your area via the digital Monarch Watch mapping site on KanCRN. Alternatively joint pain, you can send your observations to us via email at Thank you!

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