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UPDATE: 7 March 2024. Thank you for helping us get more milkweeds in the ground and supporting our mission to sustain the monarch migration! Although this year's one-day fundraiser is in the books, you can still make a donation to Monarch Watch at any time via

Monarch Watch

Monarch Watch will again be featured in the University of Kansas' annual One Day. One KU. 24-hour fundraising campaign which will take place on Wednesday, March 6 this year. The event will provide an opportunity for Monarch Watchers all over the globe to come together and show their support of our program. Please help us get more milkweeds in the ground and support our mission to sustain the monarch migration!

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference and this is especially true for this unique campaign. Monarch Watch has held the #1 position on the departmental challenge leaderboard for total number of gifts received in each of the last three years. This is extremely gratifying but not only that, it helps us by demonstrating to the entire KU community the substantial reach of our program and the incredible support we receive from all of you.

We hope to top the chart once again this year and we need your help! Our 3-yr average number of gifts for this event is 592 and we would love to meet or beat that number. Several Monarch Watchers have stepped up to provide matches or challenges to make your donation go even further.

Please plan to visit us on Wednesday, March 6 to give and if you would like a reminder with a direct link to the campaign, please sign up to receive our periodic newsletters and we will send you an email on the day. Please spread the word about this opportunity and thank you for your interest and continued support!


Milkweeds for monarchs!

Monarch caterpillars need milkweed leaves for food and milkweed flowers provide nectar for monarch butterflies and many other pollinators. Please join Monarch Watch in getting more milkweed plants in the ground by making a donation today.

Through all of our programs, Monarch Watch has distributed more than one million milkweeds since 2010. This includes programs that provide free native milkweeds to schools, nonprofits, and habitat restoration projects. Your help is needed to extend and expand these programs - with additional funds we can distribute even more free milkweed plants.

Your One Day. One KU. donation will be used to:

• provide free native milkweeds for school gardens.
• provide free native milkweeds for nonprofit gardens.
• provide free native milkweeds for habitat restoration projects.

Monarch Watch engages more than 100,000 people each year and has become a leader in efforts to sustain the monarch migration. Your support will have a lasting impact on monarchs and those dedicated to their conservation. Thank you!



Make a gift
To make a contribution to Monarch Watch online the day of the event, visit and to make a gift by phone anytime between now and the day of the event, call KU Endowment at (888) 653-6111 - just be sure to mention that you would like to give in support of Monarch Watch for the "One Day. One KU." event and it will count toward our totals.

Employer-matching gifts
Thousands of companies match gifts to higher education institutions, which can double or even triple the impact of your contribution. To find out if your employer has a matching gift program, please visit

Allocation and tax deduction
No matter how you give, KU Endowment will allocate 100% of your gift to Monarch Watch, and gifts are tax-deductible within the limitations of U.S. federal income tax laws. For Canadian donors: Please note that the Canadian government will not permit you to declare online donations to us as a tax-deductible donation and a check must be mailed instead (see info at

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