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Need YOUR Input!

Postby Mr. Lund » Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:32 pm

Greetings Watchers!

As some of you may know from the previous topic I started, I'm in the middle of a "Raising Monarchs" video series that I'm publishing on YouTube. My goal is to help the monarchs through others raising them, helping them reach adult released status.

(The current Parts 1 - 3 are here: ... FKARuT7ImT )

I'm almost finished with Part 4, which is all about the chrysalis. Everything is essentially shot, and just needs to be edited together the rest of the way.

Part 5 is the last video, yet to be filmed. I'm waiting for some of my adults to emerge from them, which should happen tomorrow and the days after. I realized that from those who visit these forums, you might have some great suggestions of what to feature in that video. I'm going to focus on the adult emerging and the wings drying, teach a few things (like how to tell male/female, and perhaps some anatomy), and then show their release.

I'm ALSO going to use the end of Part 5 to explain to the viewer that really, raising the monarchs is only a temporary help. The real goal is to have a self-sustainable population that isn't in decline, and the only true way to do that is the plant milkweed. I'll go into some detail on that, and encourage them to grow some where they can.

I also thought that for the tail end, it might help to mention other places/websites people could look into if they want to get involved. Do you have any ideas there?

Please note, I encourage lots of suggestions, but only so many (if any) will make it into the video. I'll see what fits in the editing process.

What do YOU think my target audience should know about the monarch?

Thanks for your time and input! :wink:
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Re: Need YOUR Input!

Postby mich » Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:06 am

Hi, Mr. Lund!
I'm coming to the forums rather late this year and have been thumbing through to see how they've advanced since the great disruption... I've not looked at your videos yet, but I find the idea interesting and hope they will be of help to those who are looking for it. I probably should view them before making suggestions, but I'm guessing there is no advice about euthanizing an unhealthy and/or deformed butterfly. No one wants to think about raising one that will be unable to fly, but it's bound to happen at some point. In the midst of the trauma, someone new to the situation may not think about their freezer... I feel that needs to be addressed somewhere along the line - perhaps a video isn't the right place?
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