Microscope to check OE spores on Monarchs

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Microscope to check OE spores on Monarchs

Postby hills_dells_flowers » Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:06 am

Does an inexpensive microscope (say under $50) exist that can magnify well at 100X to check for OE on monarchs?
Has anyone had any luck with those $15.00 "pocket field" microscopes being offered for sale on certain monarch related sites, and also for sale other places online? I ordered a $40 Celestron (new) microscope online, it claimed to magnify up to 150X, but magnified less than my hand held magnifying glass. So I'm hesitant to order something even cheaper.

Please post a reply if you have bought an inexpensive microscope for testing OE and it clearly showed the wing scales and the OE as being significantly different sizes, in other words, it actually worked?

If not, could someone please suggest what kind I would have to buy to get a decent 60X to 100X magnification. I'm close to wearing out my welcome at the vet's bringing my samples in, I don't blame them. Are there any Monarch sites which cover what kind of microscope one will need to check for OE. I've seen the u tube video where he uses the "pocket field microscope" for checking OE, but I was skeptical. Thanks.
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